What’s the Best Type of Olive Oil? I choose Altis Extra Virgin Olive Oil

by David


You’re probably thinking, ‘wait a minute, isn’t all olive oil good?’ When it comes to olive oil, there’s good and then there’s best. We’ll take the guesswork out of your shopping by breaking down why you should use the best olive oil in the market. 

altis olive oil

Some olive oils rank high while some rank low just like queens and pawns in the witty game of chess. Olive pomace oil is considered a low-quality oil because it is made from the pulp that remains when olives are first pressed. This residue is then mixed with some solvents to further extract oil which will be of low quality. Olive pomace oil is cheapest in cost in comparison to the other grades and can be used in high heat cooking due to its high smoking point. Smoke point refers to the temperature at which an oil starts to burn and smoke, losing its characteristics. 

It gets even trickier when we start moving up the ranks. If you’ve ever seen the flashy and eye-catching ‘pure olive oil’ label and thought, hmm, this is it, well we’ve got news for you. 

Pure olive oil is a blend of low-quality olive oil and a higher quality of olive oil, usually extra virgin and virgin olive resulting in a low taste and almost colourless oil with just enough olive oil character. It is a popular all-purpose cooking oil because of its higher smoke point and less apparent flavour than virgin Oil but it is not necessarily the healthiest out there. 

Extra light olive oil. If you have a ‘lite’ app on your phone, you’ll be surprised to know there’s a ‘lite’ version of olive oil. The light is a reference to the colour and flavour and not fat content. This kind of olive is considered low-quality because it is highly processed thus lacking in taste and aroma. It does however, have a higher smoking point of 220° Celsius making it suitable for high heat cooking like deep frying, roasting and baking. The neutral flavour makes it a poor choice for dishes in which the taste of olive oil is desired.

Virgin Olive Oil is the second highest olive oil that is unrefined and contains high acidity and on top of that, it has milder aromas. Great for sauteing, barbecue and marinating with a smoking point of 210° Celsius. 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the crown jewel, the highest-rated olive oil there is. This oil is extracted using traditional methods by cold-pressing olives. It has low acidity, maintains natural aroma and flavour and has an extremely low smoking point. The purity maintained during production ensures extra virgin olive oil offers extensive nutritional benefits.  It is great for salad dressing, pasta and toppings with a smoking point of 200° Celsius. It is also expensive because of its high quality.

When I heard Altis Extra Virgin Olive Oil was launching in the Kenyan market I knew I had to try it out. Altis is the number one olive oil brand in Greece; a country renowned worldwide for producing some of the best olive oil. After several kitchen experiments and delightful dining experience with it, I knew I had found a gem worth sharing with my friends.

altis olive oil

Altis Extra Virgin Olive Oil delivers the whole package; 100% natural product with exquisite aromas of fresh olives, green herbs and apple, combined harmoniously for a robust but well-balanced profile. Rich in antioxidants and good fats to keep you and your family healthy and strong.  

It is certified by panels of Experts and by the International Olive Council. It is ideal for use in both warm and cold applications like soups, salad dressing, risotto and pasta and available in 1 litre,750ml and 500ml bottles in major outlets.

Go on, you deserve the best. Head to your retail outlet and get yourself a bottle or click here and purchase online.

For more information visit : www.altis.com.gr




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