Greece’s No 1 Olive Oil, Altis, is Now in Kenya

by David

Did you know that extra virgin olive oil is considered one of the best for cooking? This natural oil is extracted from pure olives by cold-pressing them. It’s super healthy, versatile and tasty. You’re probably curious to know where the best extra virgin olive oil comes from. The Mediterranean region and particularly Greece is known for producing the highest quality extra virgin olive oil in the world. 

In Greece, the number one extra virgin olive oil is Altis. It’s 100% fruit-based extra virgin olive oil, handpicked from the finest olive groves and most fertile lands. The land, as the Greeks love to say, is blessed by earth and sun. 

Hmm…Are you already thinking about what it’s like to cook with the best the world has to offer? We suspect your answer is yes and you are in luck. Altis Extra Virgin Olive Oil is now available in leading stores in Kenya. 

If you’ve taken out your notepad and added Altis to your shopping list, you’ll be happy to know a few things. Altis is rich in monosaturated fats and antioxidants. What do these fats do? They fight off inflammation in the body. On the other hand, the biologically active antioxidants protect your blood cholesterol from oxidation, reducing the risk of chronic diseases. We have a feeling that you’re nodding and agreeing with us that this is a kitchen staple. 

Altis Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The must-have Altis Extra Virgin Olive Oil has an additional quality that makes it the safest for cooking with; a low smoking point. This is the temperature at which oil breaks down and turns into smoke thus becoming damaged. However, Altis  maintains its stability and quality even under high heat. 

How do the kids and the family know you’re cooking wonderful biryani, pilau or steak? The aroma usually gives it away. What if we told you that Altis not only amplifies that beautiful aroma but also enhances the flavour? With its exquisite scent of fresh olives, green herbs and apple, everyday cooking will feel transformative, fun and rewarding. 

Even a little drizzle of Altis Extra Virgin Olive Oil to that rainbow salad, meat marinades, sauces and veg such as sukuma wiki for that appetizing dinner goes a long way. Your body will still extract the health benefits that come with using it.

When you eat good, you’ll feel good. You’ll sustain yourself to take care of your family and they’ll also be energized to keep going. It’s a win-win!  

Don’t you think it’s time you got yourself a bottle of Altis Extra Virgin Olive Oil? You deserve it and so does your family. Altis is available at your favourite retailer. 



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