Amazing Musical Themed Cakes

written by EatOut 24th April 2014

Eat your heart out with these awesome music birthday cake designs. 

Here are plenty of mouthwatering ideas for music cake designs if you are planning to make a birthday cake for someone.

This is a great surprise for all music lovers and musicians as these cakes are made up of music instruments such as guitar, piano as well as some music notes, stage and DJ equipment. 

Creating a cake masterpiece is not that complex as long as you have cake decorating ideas and cake design inspiration; above all you must have the skills and great eye for small details.

Cake - 50's Diner 03 by Sugar Siren (Francesca) on Flickr

Cake – 50’s Diner 03 by Sugar Siren (Francesca) on Flickr


Musical Notes

Elvis Presley

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