Amazing Uses Of Kitchen Ingredients, Other Than Cooking!

written by Winnie Wangui 25th August 2015

Whenever you think of these ingredients, various recipes and dishes come to mind. However, there are many other ways you can use your usual kitchen ingredients without them ending up in your stomach! Find out how to turn these ingredients into solutions when faced with common problems in your household.

Use rice to dry a wet phone

A,azing uses of kitcjen ingredients other than cooking


This is well known by most of us. No need to panic when you accidentally drop your phone in water or plop it in the loo. After removing the SIM card and battery and the outer case, wipe it with a dry towel and bury it in a bowl of dry rice and leave it therefor 24-48 hours. Rice has properties that allow it to absorb moisture

Use a banana on a skipping or freezing DVD

Amazing uses of kitchen ingredients other than cooking


Watching a sketchy DVD is extremely irritating especially when it starts skipping right when the most interesting part of the movie starts. No matter how many times you wipe it gently with a soft cloth, the scratches never go away. Guess what! You can use a banana to seal the scratches simply by rubbing it on top of the entire DVD.You should try it. It works like magic! You could then use the remaining bunch of bananas to make a Banana Nutmeg Daiquiri and watch the movie without interruptions.

Olive Oil can be used as a lubricant

A,azing uses of kitcjen ingredients other than cooking


We love it in our meals and salads and this healthy ingredient also comes in handy when faced with the annoying zipper that just won’t budge, or that squeaky door. Applying a little amount on the teeth of the zipper gets the zipper off and it also lubricates door hinges. The medicinal value found in olive oil can also help ease an ear ache. Carefully use a cotton swab to apply it on the outer ear cavity to also ease excess wax.

Vinegar is great for shining floors

A,azing uses of kitcjen ingredients other than cooking

Image: remediesnadherbs.com

For wood floors that look dull, add one part white vinegar to nine parts warm water and wipe down the floors. Your floors will not only be shiny but you will have saved yourself the trouble of buying wooden floor chemical cleaners.

Use baking soda to clean kitchen tiles

A,azing uses of kitcjen ingredients other than cooking

Image: secrethealthy.com

Other than baking a sweet zebra cake, baking soda is also a great cleaning agent for your stubborn kitchen tiles. Attack them with a mixture of two gallons of water and half a cup of baking soda. This eco-friendly method will leave your tiles clean and shiny.

Use peanut butter to remove adhesive stickers

Amazing uses of kitchen ingredients other than cooking


We often find ourselves struggling to remove adhesive stickers found in various items. Some of us try to using soapy water and scratch it off with our nails leaving our nails chapped and uneven. Who would have guessed peanut butter could be used to remove adhesive. Simply spread a thin layer of peanut butter on the adhesive you want to remove and let it it for 5-10 minutes. Quickly make a peanut butter strawberry wrap as you wait. then scrub the adhesive off with a scrubber. Finally, clean the item with warm soapy water.

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