American Kids Give Githeri The Thumbs Up!

written by Fred Mwithiga 29th August 2015

We all know how fussy children can be with food. Especially if it’s food that they’ve never tasted before. Recently, a group of little American boys and girls were asked to taste traditional lunches from across the world. Their reactions were nothing short of sweet, hilarious and adorable.

American Kids Give Githeri The Thumbs Up!

Img Src= Kaluhi’s Kitchen

While they didn’t seem to like some of the food they were offered, they found an appreciation for our very own githeri. One girl gave it the thumbs up and another said she could eat all of it. Im not the biggest githeri fan in the world but I must admit, I was pretty glad that they enjoyed it. I wonder what their opinion on our traditional breakfasts would be! Watch the video below and their priceless expressions.

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