Anghiti in Westlands Gets Reviewed by our Loyal Foodie Fans

written by EatOut 8th July 2013

This is an Unbiased Review done at Anghiti Westlands Courtesy of Meaghan K. Shanahan 

My friends and I visited Anghiti Restaurant in Westlands on a quiet Tuesday night in June.  Located in New Rehema House just off the bypass, it is easily accessible and has ample parking and seating.


Anghiti’s menu includes a variety of options including meats and seafood offerings, vegetarian options, and rice dishes. Before ordering, we were offered Masala Papadom to whet our appetities. This thin, crispy bread, topped with tomatoes, onions, and herbs, was good to snack on while we waited for the food to arrive, but be forewarned that it comes with a 150ksh price tag!


For a starter, we got the vegetarian Hariyali Roll, described as “vegetable and cashew nut patties.” Truthfully, these small, fried patties left us feeling a bit underwhelmed with their lack of flavour. Dipping sauces were provided and enhanced the taste, but on their own the Hariyali Rolls were nothing to write home about.

Our main courses consisted of Garlic Chilli Fish and Chicken Madras, with Onion Naan on the side. The Garlic Chilli Fish had a pleasant flavour, though by the time it came to the table the sauce had soaked into the crispy coating on the tilapia cubes, leaving them a bit soggy.



The Chicken Madras, which we requested to be made spicy, was by far the hit of the dinner. Served in a small pot, this dish delicately blended the flavours of various spices and coconut to create a delicious main course. The serving size was small, but it was the favourite of the entire group. Fresh, warm, naan paired well with all of the dishes.

Overall, our dinner at Anghiti was an agreeable experience. At a price tag of just over 1,500ksh per person (including a 5% discount for booking on www.eatout.co.ke), I would be willing to try it again. However, I’m not sure Anghiti will make it into my list of go-to restaurants in Nairobi.

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