Anyiko Owoko’s Adventure In Dar es Salaam

written by Anyiko Owoko 29th June 2018

This month, Publicist to the stars Anyiko Owoko sets off to Tanzania on a media tour with SHiiKANE (Nigeria). While in Dar es Salaam, she samples a mixture of local food, attends a Listening Party hosted by Tanzania’s latest boy band then chats with Nahreel on producing a World Cup Anthem, before returning to a beloved Kenyan spot serving up Nairobi’s best Sushi.


When in Dar es Salaam, you must sample their favourite local delicacies: Chips Mayai (a mixture of Chips and Fried Eggs in Chapati form) and Vuruga (Either a mixture of Plantain in Goat Meat or Chips in Beef stew). The best place to have this is at Triple Seven, an open restaurant located in Mikocheni. It’s a great location to hide, if you’re around Mikocheni and Mbezi areas. I also sampled “Supu”—Beef Soup, with huge chunks of Beef and served with Chapati. It’s a common power breakfast for most locals, and a popular go-to hangover cure.


I attended a Listening Party organized by Born to Shine A&R, where I discovered a new Tanzanian music group: The Mafik, unveiled early 2018. Comprising male singers: Hamadai, Rhino King and Mbalamwezi, The Mafik have come to fill up the void left when Yamoto Band dissolved. From Bongo Flava’s point of view, the group is already seen as a fit to self-groom themselves into a multi-talented and versatile crossover music act akin to Sauti Sol’s brand. Their latest collaboration “Niwaze” with Tanzanian songstress Ruby is a certified banger. Listen to it on YouTube and remember reading this text when they become Tanzania’s next biggest boy band.


Nahreel of Navy Kenzo

It’s World Cup season! The only time every four years when we must all watch football. I am not into football so I always wait to listen to anthems. I love the fact that Coca Cola’s anthem for the 2018 FIFA World Cup was produced by an East African, Nahreel who also is a member of pop duo: Navy Kenzo. I met up with the producer in Dar es Salaam. He said, “This is indeed my biggest project, after Coke Studio Africa. Producing “Colours” by Jason Derulo and Diamond Platnumz is massive for my career and to be part of World Cup 2018 is such an honour and something I truly appreciate,” adding, “I feel as if my achievement is more than remarkable and it says something about the musical talent in Tanzania and East Africa. We are leaving a mark.”


There is never-ending banter on the similarities and differences of the culture between East African countries but two things that recently happened make me come to the conclusion that Tanzanians are really special people. One time, my taxi driver’s phone went off and so I had to call another but the dude called me an hour later to deeply apologize. Secondly, while driving in Ubungo estate with my brother once, we bumped into a car parked in the middle of the highway at a junction, during rush hour. We were astounded to find out that the driver had laid back his seat and fell asleep. “Mshikaji amelala!” (Dude is asleep!) is all onlookers kept saying.


Multicoloured patch cloak from Hilu Bura

I found a wonderful shop in Masasani selling cool Ankara clothing items by contemporary Tanzanian designer: Hilu Bura. Their stuff is simple but fashionable. I really love a Kitenge poncho-like jacket I bought—it is perfect for both professional occasions or fun events, depending on whether it’s paired with a little black dress or a black trouser suit. Their Ayana Jacket and Kitenge Kimonos are also pretty cool. Their Kitenge prices are more affordable than in Nairobi or Lagos. With about $20 you can have yourself good Kitenge, and a ready-to-go outfit, with Tanzanian heritage to back it up. What’s more? The shop ships their fashion worldwide, visit www. to place your order.


Village Market’s new wing is still something to discover while in Nairobi’s Gigiri area but I will have to refer you back to the old side. Prime Cuts Butchery, Deli and Bistro are known to serve some of the most high-quality meats, seafood and deli but not many know of their excellent Sushi, prepared inside the butchery section by their Sushi Chefs. A pack of 16 Sushi Rolls costs Ksh. 980 and trust me, these will be the most well done rolls you’ll ever have in Nairobi. I am not sure why they are so good and different. I think it’s the choice of Rice and accompaniments: Wasabi and Flavoured Ginger or maybe even the type of Soy Sauce. NB: They don’t open on Mondays.

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