Apparently, You’ve Been Eating Chicken Wings All Wrong!

written by Yoga David 13th January 2014


Is there really a right way of eating a chicken wing?  We are not asking about the drumstick, or  those ones that you just gnaw on and lick until the meat is destroyed.

We are talking about those flat wings, those with tricky forearm bones that make one eating them a mess.

Just like there’s a next-level of eating an apple, cupcake and strawberry, there is also a way of eating chicken wings like a boss.

Have you ever tried that one trick where you suck the entirety of the meat off the bone?  Do you use a fork and knife? They may sound tedious or over-ambitious.

But apparently, if you have a good batch of properly cooked wings, you can eventually turn pretty much any good wing into a 100% edible nugget.

Find the end of a wing with the protruding cartilage and just tear it off. The bones should be a bit loose by then. Next, wiggle the smaller wing bone holding the opposite end firmly and it’ll pull out, avoid of any flesh.

You can do the same for the remaining bone, until what you’re left with is 100% chicken wing meat.

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