Crazy April Fools Pranks!

written by Fred Mwithiga 1st April 2015

You probably were too busy to notice but your colleagues weren’t. So you strolled in to the office looking serious with catching up on that deadline as your only agenda. You didn’t even notice how weirdly friendly they were, offering you coffee and some donuts that you graciously accepted. ‘They love me. These people really care’ is all you could think of as you prepared to take your first bite which made your face cringe, twist and frown. Salty donuts! Bleugh! You unsuspecting duck. You just got fooled!

April fools has always had a way of getting us when we least expect it. Trust me. I’ve been there. Here are some of the best food related pranks we’ve seen. You might lose a few friends if you ever try them but its worth the cost

1. Toothpaste Filled Oreos

Everyone loves Oreos. I haven’t met a soul that doesn’t. So what happens when you turn everybody’s favourite cookie into something literally breath freshening? Try this next time. Scrape the cream frosting off the Oreos, or lick them if your evil level is that high, get toothpaste. Especially white toothpaste and put little dabs on the cookies. Slap on the other half, serve them on a plate with some hot coffee and watch as your prey falls for the bait. Watch what happens when this child falls for it

2. Mayonnaise Filled Donuts

Once you pull this off, none would accept your donuts no matter how delicious they are. Try filling up half the donuts with mayo and the other half with hot sauce while you’re at it. Wait for your unsuspecting colleagues at the office to take the plunge and watch their facial reactions. Be sure to keep an extra box of good ones as a peace offering!

April Fools

3. Frozen Juice

With Nairobi’s inconsistent weather, you’ll end up in need of a nice cold refreshing juice at some point in the day. Thats where this frozen juice prank comes in. Hand this over to that chap at the office who is looking thirsty and burst in humour as he tries to suck the life out of this juice!

April Fools!

4. Samsung Galaxy Blade Edge

Samsung has done it again. Their unique innovations that have changed the mobile world are set to change the way you work in the kitchen thanks to their Galaxy Blade Edge. Everybody needs a smart knife. Remember that bad cut you got while chopping carrots the other day, say goodbye to all that thanks to their new invention! It also features a selfie camera for those moments you want to show just how ripe your tomato is. Thank you Samsung.

April Fools!

April Fools!

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