Argentine Wine Tasting

written by Yummy Team 30th April 2019

The main reason for the event is to promote the Argentine wines to the Kenyan Market. as we celebrate Malbec World Day 2019. The estimated number of attendance is 120 people that includes members of the Kenyan Government and distinguished Kenyan guests and businessmen, as well as General Managers and Food and Beverages Managers of hotels and the catering sector and tourism agents.

#MalbecArgentino is the variety that most accurately reflects the evolution of the Argentine wine industry. Today Argentina is synonymous with Malbec, having achieved a direct association with the varietal. Renowned by its diversity, high quality and elegance, it marks a constant innovation in the wine scene worldwide. Created by Wines of Argentina, Malbec World Day seeks to position Argentine Malbec as one of the most prominent in the world. Every April 17th, and throughout the whole month, different activities are carried out in the main cities around the globe to celebrate the success of our flagship grape.

This year the festivities revolve around the concept “Elegance doesn’t need perfection” with the purpose of highlighting its diversity, quality and elegance, as well as its permanent mark in the innovation of the global wine scene. During the event, guests will have the opportunity to taste other specialities such as Rose of Malbec, Torront├ęs, Bonarda, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and among others.

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