The Aroma Fork Will Make Your Food Taste Better. Seriously.

written by EatOut 10th June 2014

aroma fork

Montreal-based company Molecule-R has invented the AROMAFORK™ — a fork that will change the way you perceive flavors. Although we think of taste as a separate sense to smell, the two are closely linked when it comes to food, whereby the nose identifies most of the subtle flavors we experience when we eat.

Taking this into consideration, the AROMAFORK is an aroma-emitting device that enables chefs to serve up more complex flavors than they can get from food alone. The fork releases scents as you eat with it and “tricks your mind” to detect improved flavours.

Even though our taste buds can only recognize 5 primary tastes, the nose is capable of differentiating the subtle flavors of food as aromas reach the back of your palette upon expiration. By releasing aromas, the AROMAFORK™ gets your brain working double duty, getting it to identify aromas on top of tastes.


The AROMA R-EVOLUTION kit includes four of the specially designed forks and 21 different aromas to trial, including chocolate, vanilla, mint, lychee, wasabi and smoke among many others.

Each fork features a small indent located behind the tines where a diffusing paper that soaks up aromas is placed. Using a dropper, chefs can add one of the smells to the fork to add to whatever dish they’ve cooked. So, for example, diners eating a piece of steak could also get a waft of ginger, or even strawberry.

Is there a way this kind of technology could make its way into our local classifieds here to give diners a new experience, perhaps even enabling them to make their own additions to the menu? Only time will tell!

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