The Art Of Making Good Pizza

written by Up Magazine 2nd April 2014


360 Artisans Pizza is not just a clever name. These are people who take the Artisan in their brand very seriously; to such an extent that they sent two of their chefs to Napoli to learn at the feet of the master himself, EnzoCoccia. Just hearing his name makes you think of somebody who’s really, really good at making pizza. And he is. In fact he is the owner of one of the top pizzerias in Napoli called La Motizzia (The Muse). If you are not impressed by this, you should have a talk with the Executive Chef from 360 Artisan Pizza, Joy Marambii, about why you should be.

“It was amazing. Napoli is an artisan town where craftsmanship is very respected. Being a florist, a butcher, or a pizza maker, and being the best at it, demands a lot of respect in Napoli,” she says. She spent four weeks together with EnzoCoccia learning how to cook the traditional Neapolitan pizza. “The pizza has to be made from double zero flour, the water has to be from Napoli, you have to use sea salt and special olive oil. It has to be made in a brick oven built with volcanic rock, and you have to use the right firewood. It’s really and art form,” says Joy.

Though there is a very strict tradition in Napoli’s pizzerias, Enzo is a modern chef who experiments with style and ingredients. Something that goes went down well with the 360 Artisan Pizza chefs who are dishing out pizza’s like House-Made Spicy Lamb Sausage with Romesco Pesto, Roasted Zucchini and Mint; and the Roasted Cauliflower & Pancetta with Fontal Cheese and Red Chili.

Though these are mouth-watering toppings, Joy has a very firm believe in what really makes the difference between being good and being great. “The perfect pizza begins with the perfect doe. The perfect crust. If you don’t get the crust right it doesn’t matter what you put on it.”

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