Artcaffe Embraces Technology With It’s New Android App

written by Yoga David 20th June 2014

artcaffe nairobi

In a bid to promote service delivery in all their outlets, Artcaffe has embraced technology in its business strategy and entire operational system using a customized mobile phone application. The application was built over the course of three months by one of Nairobi’s upcoming developers, Olive Tree Media.

The android app running on version 4.3 tablets was built from scratch in collaboration with Artcaffe’s management team, giving them a tool that is simple yet able to comprehensively capture the needs of their dynamic business.

According to Artcaffe’s IT project overseer, Jeff Rono, the introduction of the tech system was intended to primarily create an environmentally friendly paperless system that is efficient and promotes better time and resource management practices across the board.

The app has proved to be particularly timely since the recent shift of Artcaffe’s central stores to a larger facility in the Baba Dogo area, which comprises the company’s logistical and procurement support teams.

“The state of the art Logistics Centre, which houses over 100 staff was created to serve the needs of Artcaffe’s ever expanding chain and the complex and demanding requirements of a fast paced restaurant business. The growing efficiency of the centre has led to a positive trickle-down effect on service delivery and sales,” explains Jeff.

The approximately 2000 sq meter four story facility incorporates numerous departments including procurement offices, spacious bakery, prep kitchens and meat processing sections where the food items are carefully processed and packed for delivery to the branches.

“The new logistics centre is at the heart of Artcaffe Group’s business. The activities carried out at the Centre ensure that operations are efficient, streamlined and standardised. This is to guarantee that our guests will receive the very best stringently prepared, high quality food whenever they visit any of our outlets,” Njeri Kariuki, Artcaffe’s Communication & Marketing Manager says.

A pilot project at the Oval outlet was set in motion in May, with the other outlets’ managers undergoing training. Rollout to the remaining 4 branches was effected in June.

“This is just the beginning,” shares Jeff, “we intend to continue embracing technology and pushing our systems and services to ever higher levels”.

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