Simple Sandwich for Lunch: Avocado on Toast!

written by Yummy Team 24th July 2019

Photo: www.californiaavocado.com

Sandwiches never go out of style and the avocado on toast one is like the cool bro to the rest of them. Why? Because of avocado, duh! Seriously, if you don’t love avocado, perhaps this recipe will make you.

This sandwich can’t be prepared in the morning and taken over lunch for those day’s when you’re not really in the mood for a filling meal. We’re not saying you won’t be satisfied, but this avocado on toast is likely to leave you wanting more, trust us, we know!

For the bacon, prepare it prior to this so that you don’t spend as much time on your sandwich. If you’re going for healthy lunch, whole-grain bread is preferred but if you’re not on any restrictions, white bread will still do just fine.


Whole-grain bread
Sesame seeds
Hot Sauce
Fried eggs
Feta cheese
Crispy bacon
Sliced tomatoes


  1. Toast two pieces of whole-grain bread lightly.
  2. On one slice, spread on a little mashed avocado and add the toppings of your choice (salt, sesame seeds, hot sauce, honey, fried eggs, feta cheese, crispy bacon and/or sliced tomatoes).\
  3. Cover with the other slice and enjoy!



The secret to keeping the avocado from turning brown is to cover the toast lightly with a plastic wrap as you prepare everything else.

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