How To Avoid Getting Hungover

written by Winnie Wangui 23rd November 2017

The weekend just began and with lots of events lined up, many of us will be taking on alcohol- some in moderation, while others, well, it’s cheers to the weekend! Hangovers are inevitable side effects of partaking in alcoholic drinks and while there’s no existing hangover cure, the most we can do is try not to have one or aim to have the least vicious hangover possible.

To fend off headaches, dizziness, nausea, and the general misery that often follows after a night of intensive drinking, try these tips and tricks to mitigate the damage.

Load Up On A Hearty Meal

Drinking on an empty stomach is a recipe for disaster. The severity of a hangover is not only dependent on how much you drink but also how you metabolize alcohol. The meal you take before you start your binge should include carbs, protein and fat. These will help process the nasty byproducts of alcohol.

Choose Juice Over Soda For Mixers

While juice won’t necessarily keep the hangover away, the extra vitamins are what you should be after, just as much as you want the drink to be palatable. Also, if it makes you feel any better, having juice as a mixer is healthier than the more sugary alternative.

Drink Water Before You Go To Sleep

We don’t mean load up on gallons and gallons of water, this might put undue stress on your body. Take one glass or two if genuinely thirsty and put another glass next to your bed to take care of the dry mouth when you wake up.

Pop A Mild Painkiller Before You Sleep

This will go a long way in keeping away that throbbing headache when you wake up the next morning. The anti-inflammatory capacity that these drugs have attack the inflammation that alcohol causes.

Drink The Top-Shelf Stuff

If you want to drink in moderation, try having the top-shelf stuff. They are much more filtered to remove the impurities and toxins which can make your hangover less severe. Also, the high prices of these drinks will have you nursing your drink a little longer, hence drinking less.


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