Awesome Virtual tour of newly rebranded Dormans at Wilson Airport

written by Yoga David 13th August 2014


In our last article, we highlighted the exciting news about Dormans coffee shop unveiling its newly rebranded branch at the Air Kenya lounge, Wilson Airport.

The rebranding of the coffee chain is part of Dormans paying homage to its classic roots, while giving a refreshing urban twist that celebrates Nairobi’s vibrant energy.

Now, we’re happy to announce that we got a hold of the virtual tour that visually gives us an awesome look at the interior of the swanky new coffee shop.

Check out how the actual rebranded coffee shop looks like. Who knows, you might even pick out your favorite seating spot before you head there while at it!

Also, take care not to be awesomely amazed by this super technology.

Click Here to view the virtual tour


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