Bacon Bouquet

written by African Kaya 6th February 2013

Bacon Bouquet

Have you joined Pinterest?? It’s soooo AMAZING you find the coolest stuff there like these beautiful and creative bacon bouquet. HOW COOL IS IT????? I mean, don’t you think your man would love to get a bunch? I thought this would be a perfect surprise valentines present for your man/hubby/fiancé or even that guy you’re trying to bag hehehe.

And the best thing about this is that you do not have to limit it to just Valentines. Use it for his birthday, father’s day, X-mas, to say thank you or I love you, or just because you’re trying to bribe him into buying you that pair of overly expensive shoes or even to move into that house/ neighborhood you want to move into or better yet get him to agree with your choice of school for the kids. CLEVER haaa!!

And boys don’t under estimate how happy you would make your woman if you made her a bunch of this, just the mere effort will earn you a gazzilion boonus points.


What you need

  • Bacon
  • Toothpicks
  • Plastic flowers
  • Baking sheet lined with foil.

So start with a packet of bacon. I used 200gms got about 10 big flowers but I doubled them up so you can get 20.


Roll a strip of bacon up. You want to have the meaty side of the bacon on the top of the flower and the fatty side at the bottom. I rolled two strip. So I rolled one then the other on top to make a larger flower.


Using two toothpick poke through the bottom of the roll (fatty side). Try as much as you can to get very close to the end as possible. This helps the bacon hold shape and also to sit flat on the baking tray.


Put the bacon on a foiled baking dish. Pop then in the over at 200 Degrees for 25-30 mins but keep checking from 20 minutes depending in your oven


Then you end up with this beautiful babies.


As they cool, take the cheapest plastic flowers you can get. Make sure the flowers can come off and leave you with a stalk to set your bacon on. Remove the red (flower) parts and remain with the stalks.


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Place the bacon on the stalks and viola you are done.



Give them to someone special and see how big the smile on their face will be

Bacon Bouquet

How much love and appreciation you will be shown.

Bacon Bouquet

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