EatOut Enjoys Artcaffe’s Savoury Office Delivery Service

by Kevin Wandu

Artcaffe’s ArtBakery has been churning out delicious breads and pastries for seven years. We get an inside look at their operations.

It’s safe to say the employees of EatOut Kenya are fueled by food both literally and aspirationally. We will go great lengths for a good meal. At lunch, we sit around a wooden table eyeing each other’s meals and occasionally sharing a scoop of avocado or a warm bite of lasagna. You can’t work at EatOut if you don’t love food.

One cold July morning while we were sipping our morning coffees, there was a light knock on the office door. Standing in the doorway was the silhouette of a rider so layered in clothing his frame filled the entire space. In his hands he held four tiffany blue coloured boxes which we immediately recognized as the ArtBakery colours. “Delivery!” Winnie exclaimed, as she sprung from her seat. Artcaffe had surprised us with an office delivery of mini pastries straight from their oven: muffins, croissants, cinnamon rolls and spinach and cheese puff pastries.

EatOut Enjoys Artcaffe's Savoury Corporate Delivery Service

Turns out that Artcaffe has a corporate delivery service which can be set up for bi or tri-weekly deliveries. On this occasion, they had decided to give us a taste of what they had to offer; the note that accompanied the delivery, informed us that their pastries are baked fresh daily. The office descended upon our unexpected gift and within seconds all that remained was a few forlorn crumbs at the bottom of the boxes.

bake break 1

For 24 hours a day, the expert bakers at ArtBakery churn out some of the best fresh baked goods to be found in the city. From 8AM – 5PM, dough is prepared and proofed and from 6PM to 5AM, the rich smell of cooking breads wafts out of state-of-the-art ovens. Later, these fresh baked goods are dispatched to the transport department for daily delivery. Safe to say that a spread like this can really break the monotonous samosa, mandazi and sausage options that are so ubiquitous at meetings, trainings and events.

Artcaffe encourages customers to try their ArtBakery goods with free samples at their in-store stands. These samples often correspond with the daily bread offer for the day. From Monday to Friday, the in-store ArtBakery has special offers on anything from pesto and rye bread to focaccia and baguettes. Every morning between 7:30AM to 9:30AM you can enjoy a special early bird offer of any coffee or tea and any pastry for Ksh 350. The almond croissants, buttery layered pastry with the perfect amount of flake are to die for: a delicate balance of nutty savoury and cinnamon sweet.

bake break 2

ArtBakery recently introduced a line of gluten free cookies available in-store at all Artcaffe branches. Along with Artcaffe Grand offering a newly launched vegan menu, this is just another way in which Artcaffe is trying to meet the increasingly varied requirements of their cosmopolitan customers.

EatOut Enjoys Artcaffe's Savoury Corporate Delivery Service

Artcaffes are some of the best go-to restaurants for convenience, consistency and development in service, food and ambiance. With great happy hour offers, entertainment nights and specials on ArtBakery products, Naiorbians continue to visit and love the Artcaffe brand.

Any chance we can get some more pastries now?

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