Bakeries Killing It (Get It?) This Halloween

written by Winnie Wangui 29th October 2018

Halloween is almost here! Bakeries and patisseries are getting into the creepy, crawly, spooky spirit by offering Halloween themed baked goods that we’re absolutely in love with!

Here’s a roundup of places to stop by and grab some spooktacular treats!


This authentic French bakery serves up unforgettable pastries, breads, and desserts. It’s quiet and airy offering makes for a memorable experience through activities such as build your own croissant and more. The spooktacular cupcakes make any Halloween event even more special. 


Mama Zazas is an online cookie delivery shop that brings your cookie delights right to your doorstep, satisfying your cravings. For Halloween, they have a variety of cookies including witch fingers and goblin eyes. Other cookies include; gluten-free chocolate chip cookies, pizza cookies (pizzookie), cookie pops and lots more.


Fan of Game of Thrones? Sweet Tooth Delights have got you! Home baked goods including cakes, muffins, and cookies are Sweet Tooth Delight’s specialty. They offer creatively designed cakes such as watermelon cake, donut cake, with special cake options such as eggless, vegetarian and gluten-free.


Sweet Spot Cupcakes offer a variety of cupcakes such as vanilla custard, Pumpkin spice, mint toffee, pear crumble, butterscotch among others. This Halloween, they also have Halloween jars to make things even more interesting.


With numerous locations, Cake City is strategically located and ideal for a time when you’re stopping in for a quick slice of something delicious or are getting a custom cake for a special someone. For Halloween, they had a Donut Festival that caught our eyes and their little spooky surprises had us giggling at the office. If you’re looking for little monsters you can eat, they got you! 

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