Eat Like a Champion at Balkan Grill House

written by Yummy Team 7th August 2019

You haven’t heard the news yet? The Balkan Peninsula is now in Nairobi! Don’t worry, Europe is still intact. What Nairobians have as a substitute is the newly opened Balkan Grill House that served us nothing but mouth-watering (and filling) Balkan cuisine in its freshest form.

Located on Mpaka Road, Bishan Plaza in Westlands, the Balkan Grill House serves authentic ex-Yugoslavian cuisine which, to be honest, makes you want to have a lot of because of how familiar it looks. Think fries, pies, burgers but with an extra touch to them.  Their space is filled with frames of Kenyan and Croatian sports champions as well as a frame of their popular Croatian President, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic.


These are the six dishes we had and recommend. Look out for their deals as well that include a happy hour deals and special offers.

Balkan Fries 

When are we getting a  chips fest by the way? The Balkan fries are definitely making it on the list. They’re probably the softest fries you’ll have. The amount of cooking oil used to make fries usually determines the quality and taste of fries and the ones from Balkan Grill House were balanced perfectly with the special seasoning used.

Special offer: get a gyro, Balkan fries and soda for Kshs. 600

Chicken Orly

Chicken Breast Orly

Where do you get your chicken breasts from because this place should be on your list! The deep-fried chicken orly was a fave. Slightly crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside with just the right balance of salt and seasoning, their chicken breasts would be great for lunch.

Special offer: get 2 chicken orly for Ksh 1,000 every day from 5 pm-9 pm and from 1 pm-6 pm on weekends


You do know that one way of warming yourself up is with a pie right? This special Balkan beef pie does just that. August might end up being a cold month, who knows, so we suggest you get yourself this delicious burek and have it with a cup of coffee or tea at the office.

Balkan burger

It’s Visa Burger Week! And do you know what that means? It’s time to spoil yourself (you get a guilt-free pass) with a Balkan burger. It’s a simple burger with a sumptuous beef patty, lettuce and dinner rolls that are prepared Balkan style. See, you don’t really have to go far and wide in search of amazing food!

Special offer: get 2 burgers for Ksh 500 from 5 pm-9 pm every day and from 1 pm-6 pm on weekends


Doughnuts for breakfast? Well, here are doughnuts for dessert. Called fruitule, these traditional Croatian doughnuts were served with a sweet strawberry sauce that nearly had us licking our fingers. We didn’t get the recipe for the sauce and doughnuts from Balkan Grill House but regular visits to their place will have them eventually letting us in on their secret.

Chicken gyro

They make free deliveries within Westlands area. Their prices are affordable and their serving is adequate so if you’re going for a budget lunch, this is it.

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