How To Get More Bang For Your Buck This #NRW2018

written by EatOut 22nd January 2018

Nairobi Restaurant Week can be really overwhelming what with there being more than 70 restaurants to choose from, a head-spinning array of menus and price points and in the end so little time to try them all out. This is one of those situations in which it really pays off to organise a bit in advance and make sure you know exactly what you are doing in the week before the festival kicks off. To help guide you through this most important of Nairobi food weeks, we have set down some ground rules which should help you get the most out of your dining experience.


Is Ksh. 3000/4000 the most you are willing to fork out over the course of the week? Well then you have three options: you can go the group booking way which involves choosing one nice restaurant in the Ksh. 3000+ range and make it a night out with your friends. If, however, you are not so into dining in large groups, then you might as well mix it up with one lunch and a dinner at one of the establishments with lower price points. Alternatively, consider taking that special someone out for an extra delicious meal; at many establishments dinner for two will cost you Ksh. 4000 (minus drinks) which is a steal, if you look at how much the meal would cost normally.


Is money not an object? Do you want a series of unforgettable dining experiences without having to stress about getting an amazing deal? If that is the case your best bet is to decide exactly how many meals you intend to have. Mix it up between lunch and dinner, lunch menus can hide some delicious and unexpected surprises. Plan for a solo lunch, one of those ones in which you get to catch up on the news without anyone insisting on making conversation and maybe schedule a client meeting, that’s one way you are bound to make an impression. When it comes to dinner, book one restaurant you know never fails to deliver before the week even starts, book a second restaurant according to whichever menu catches your eye and finally wait a bit and read customer comments, leaving the last restaurant of the week as the one which has received the best reviews.


It really pays off to carefully inspect the different restaurant menus on the EatOut app. Some lesser-known establishments use this occasion to really shine and you won’t know until you see what it is they have planned for you. With that in mind study the different menus carefully and select ones that stand out in terms of creativity and attention to ingredients. On top of that, as the week goes on, customer reviews will begin pouring in so it pays off to keep on referring back to the Facebook event page to see who has worked hardest to stand out over the course of the week.


There is a handful of restaurants that consistently perform amazingly during NRW, for them, this is about showcasing over and above the best they can do and it really shows. This being the fifth year and all that, you can rest assured that the word is out and that they will get booked up pretty fast. If you are the kind of person who prefers to go with the tried and tested establishments, well you are going to have to make sure you reserve well in advance. We’re talking the first day here, anything more than that and chances are you won’t get a seat.


Did you really enjoy your meal? Was there something about it that made it really stand out? People often only take the time to review establishments if they have had a negative experience but the truth is that it is just as important to share the positive too. Make sure you share your comments primarily on the Facebook event page so that customers can get real-time feedback on how the different restaurants are fairing over the course of the week. With that in mind, NRW can really make or break a restaurant’s reputation and, as tempting as it might be, we suggest you refrain from taking out your woes on the EatOut app. Sometimes restaurants get overwhelmed during restaurant week, it might be their first time participating or they simply were not prepared for such a high volume of diners. If you give them a one star on the app because they were struggling during the week, that will affect them for ages to come, which isn’t really constructive if you ask us.


If you are a budding food photographer or just want to show off to your friends, take the time to take a picture or three of your meal and upload it onto Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, taking care to tag us and adding the hashtag #NRW2018. There are lots of giveaways up for grabs during the week and at the end of the week including a trip for two to Istanbul, Turkey, restaurant vouchers, gift hampers and more and winners will be selected at random, so the more you tag, the greater your chances of winning.

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