Bars on Wheels

written by Lucy Munene 15th May 2019

You bring the party and they bring everything else. 

The cold weather is settling in and for a lot of us, that means fewer nights out and more night in. Fewer nights spent in bars where the cool breeze that kept you cool on the dance floor now makes you wish you hadn’t left your jacket in your friend’s car because Nairobi’s undecided weather convinced you that you didn’t need it.

The pool of options may seem smaller when you decide to stay in. You have to rely on your own entertainment, your own food and most importantly your own drinks. There is nothing worse than deciding you’re going to host people (because you got excited about the new furniture that your fundi along Ngong Road finally finished and delivered) only to realise that you have two options: provide the liquor and have everyone else bring chasers or make it BYOB and you provide the chasers.

Once you have mulled over this decision as you stare at your new furniture and ignored the cries from your wallet, you decide to pick the liquor and hope that you can cater to everyone’s taste. This is where I come in. I figured out a way for you to have that house party without worrying about your friend who watched one YouTube video and decided that they would be the mixologist of the night.


Mobile bars may seem like a new concept here but they have been around for a while. They are convenient and though they usually pop up at weddings then can be used for the smallest of events such as a backyard get together. Here are the mobile bars that are about to become staples at your next event. 

Bar In The Bush 

You have not experienced a mobile bar like this before. The set up is simple and looks familiar, there is the bar (of course) and the mixologist with his coworkers there to help if things get hectic. However, the heart of Bar in The Bush is the staff itself made up of Kevin Kamau, William Gioko, Wakonyo Githinji, Cedric Laden and Robert Gitiche. Together they make up a team whose energy is infectious and whose cocktails will leave you thanking us for not leaving you to suffer through those basic punches you find at most house parties.

You don’t have to worry about hurting your wallet in order to afford their cocktails and services. They tailor-make solutions to the needs of our customers because for them no one party is like the other. 

Riva Bar 

The cocktails served up by Riva Bar are so smooth that I was only able to see their sign and their set up after the crowd, at this particular event, had subsided. They are a mobile bar service that delivers signature cocktails, passionate bartenders and stylish bars – to any event. These ingredients are basic on their own but when shaken and garnished with a bit of Riva Bar magic, you and your guests get an explosive, creative and exceptional event. Their skilled and well-trained bartenders Felix and Kevin professionally manage and serve everything up with a smile. 

Honourable mention

Mobile Bartending Services 

There is a reason they were nominated as the wedding drinks vendor of the year this year. You might be distracted by how colourful their cocktails are but don’t be alarmed. They not only look good but they taste good. Lead by the East African Mixology Guru, the excellent service they provide has made them a staple at weddings but don’t be afraid to try them out for your next gathering. 


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