Bateleur Brewery Launches Sina Shaka Taproom

written by Anthony Mbugua 20th May 2019

Bateleur Brewery is a leading craft beer brewery in Kenya. The company specializes in producing high-quality beer in different flavours for discerning customers. They recently opened their Sina Shaka Taproom located at The Village Market. We were among the first to enjoy the excellently flavoured beers the company has to offer at their new taproom. The beers we had were accompanied by great music which played throughout the evening. We had three ‘flights’ of different sets of flavours with different snack pairings.

First flight

The beers came in sets of four paired with pretzels, nuts, olives and crisps. Bateleur Brewery’s beers were placed before us in order of their alcohol level. The beer with the lowest alcohol level stood at about 5% while the highest alcohol level in their beer was roughly 9%. The first set had Mantis Session Ale (their latest addition), Bila Shaka brewed with champagne yeast, Honey Badger Blondie and a Picasso Bug Stout. The Bila Shaka brewed with champagne yeast, the Honey Badger Blondie and the Picasso Bug Stout were stars of the flight. The champagne in Bila Shaka gave it a bubbly and wonderful taste. This worked well with the handcrafted beer bringing out a sharp crispy taste. The Honey Badger Blondie was definitely something we would order when we want a beer without a heavy rich flavour. The Picasso Bug Stout is what we’d recommend for the chilly weather.

Photography by Lucy Munene

Second flight

Bateleur also made sure that the next round of flavours was as awesome as the first one. The drinks were a Chez Guerilla Imperial Stout, Dirty Hairy Copper Ale, Dire Straits Pilsen and Session White brewed with white rice. The Chez Guerilla was our five-star rated beer of the flight with its rich coffee-like flavour. It was made better by the alcohol level which is about 9%. Once served, when you hold it up against the light, you cannot see through showing how concentrated it is. We also enjoyed the staple Dirty Hairy which had a fruity flavour to it. We were informed that surprisingly no fruits were used in its preparation. Hops were used to impart the fruity flavour and it gets slightly bitter with time.

Photography by Lucy Munene

Third flight

The third flight almost felt like the fourth and had us making friends while sharing our top pick flavours. The Sina Shaka Taproom by Bateleur Brewery had an intimate feel to it making it the place you want to be with your friends. The beers served were the Belgian Saison, Tandala Wheat Beer, Jua Kali Hopped Lager and the Fruit Fly Mango brewed with real mango. What had us reeled in was the Belgian Saison which had a similar taste to the Honey Badger Blondie. The amazing drinks definitely filled our palate with sublime taste.

Bateleur Brewery beers use the finest natural ingredients which explain the consistency of the flavours as well as the quality. The Sina Shaka Taproom has to be on your list of beer taprooms around Nairobi. The Taproom is open from 12 pm till late.

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