Beat Your Take-Out Slump with UberEats

written by Yummy Team 18th December 2018

We all know the feeling of staring unenthusiastically at a pile of take-out menus we know by heart. Your kids ask “That place again?” as you pick up the phone to call so-and-so who knows all your Mpesa names as well as your regular order. That tale-tell rush to the kitchen doesn’t happen when the food arrives. No one rushes to eat or hungrily finish their food. That right there is a take-out slump and UberEats is here to shake you out of it.

A wide range of restaurants awaits you on the easily downloadable app. Choose from a variety of cuisines including African, Middle Eastern and Swahili. We picked out a few of our favourite restaurants to give you an idea of where to order your next meal.


Mambo Italia – Lavington/Rivaan Centre


You can get a 3-course meal delivered to your doorstep from Mambo Italia. Order a simple starter then go big and get their pizzas ranging from chicken in hot buffalo sauce to slow braised pork shoulder in barbeque sauce. Finish off with gelato, chocolate chip cookies or their orange and almond flourless cake. FInd their full menu on the UberEats app.

Donuts World – Mpaka Road

They are more than just donuts. Order a light salad, a main meal such as their popular mixed grilled seafood platter or a beef burger and add on as many of their delectable donuts as you want.

Connect Coffee – Chiromo

Too lazy to make a coffee run? Connect Coffee’s blends of Romeo and Juliet can come to you instead. Order your favourite panini and pair it with an ice cold glass of orange and grapefruit juice. Wind down after your meals with a hot vanilla latte, caramel macchiato or a classic Americano.

Coco Jambo – Valley Arcade

Too lazy to drive to your local hangout? Coco Jambo can cook you beef, goat or pork wet fry, dry fry or choma with mutura on the side. If red meat is too heavy for you, they offer kienyeji and broiler chicken cooked to tender perfection.

The Tavern at King post – Rhapta Road

You don’t have to cook breakfast either. The Tavern offers a variety of breakfast bowls, breakfast burritos and classic breakfast options like pancakes or waffles and eggs and Indian breakfast treats as well.


Swahili plate – Sarit Centre

Order in beef pilau, mahamri mbaazi, boneless chicken fry, gizzard with chapati, samaki wa kupaka and many more dishes. Their menu is endless and there will be smiles all around when you’re done. Pour a cup of chai and enjoy fresh, warm kaimati, vitumbua and mkate wa mayai as you bask in the December sun.

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