Beef And Wine Pairing Experience at Brew Bistro

written by Leroy Buliro 29th October 2018

We arrived at Brew Bistro Lounge, Ngong Road, welcomed by the fermentation aroma coming from the brew room, I slowly made my way to a sectioned room adjacent to the lounge where a glass wall stood between us and the tap room. At the far rear from the entrance was a kitchen counter with stacks of raw beef stacked at both ends and in the middle, a neatly clothed table with at least a dozen sitting spots at opposite sides, this is where we would indulge our dinner at.

“The reason we wanted to do this was to create awareness and a unique pop up dinner concept where clients can learn and interact with the product as well as meet new friends and like-minded clients to enjoy food and good wine not forgetting beers,” commented Soraiya Ladak of The Wine Shop as she welcomed me. We were here for a Beef Carving Workshop and Dinner organised by Brew Bistro and The Wine Shop.

As we waited for the dinner to begin, I sipped on a glass of aperitivo and busied myself with chit-chat and the beef bitings making rounds. They included succulent 14- day and 21-day aged ribeye and dried beef. Each bite filled my palate with immense flavour. This was surely going to be an unforgettable experience.

I was well down on my second glass when we were assembled next to the kitchen counter where we were introduced to Chef Hector, the master behind all the beef dishes we were about to devour. Without wasting a second he went ahead and began sharing his knowledge about beef were we got to learn about the different parts of a cow and which part makes for the best roast, barbecue, steak and so on. “The smaller, pointed end -the tail- starts a little past the ribs, growing in thickness until it ends in the ‘sirloin’ primal cut, which is closer to the butt of the cow. This muscle does very little work, so it is the most tender part of the beef.” I have been to a number of beef and wine pairings, none of which was as informative as this one. It was all so fascinating, to say the least. Minutes in and I would consider myself a beef carving expert.

After settling in our designated seating areas, we were each served a glass of Domaine La Baume Merlot, followed by a wooden round chop board containing Dry Age Beef Carpaccio with coconut Ali-oil, wildFlowers, Aged Cheese and Lima Lime pickle dressing arrived. This was my first time to ever eat raw meat, and surprisingly, I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the aromas of wild strawberries and peppermint with every bite. 

The main course consisted of sweet potato mash, heritage carrots – that I found extremely tantalising – onion gravy, watercress salad, warm baby potato pickles, char-grilled onions and 3 medium cooked sirloin steaks that paired perfectly with a glass of the Domaine La Baume Cabernet Sauvignon.

It was about that time of night, dessert time, where we had the Banoffee pie paired with Domaine La Baume. The night was truly a delightful treat.

Satisfied with the dinner and the enlightening conversations, it was time to call it a night. I look forward to attending the next Meat Me dinner which will feature pork.

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