Beef in GUINNESS Stew Recipe that you will LOVE this Father’s Day

written by Chef Raphael 14th June 2013


A good Beef stew is all about getting some good looking beef and turning it to a great tasting meal that has all the flavours married into the food and in the recipe below, the addition of GUINNESS makes the meal “To Die For”

The trick is to have a large enough pot to initially brown the meat and if you have a small one, work in batches. DO NOT let the meat boil in its own water and that is by ensuring the pot is very hot before  adding the meat to brow.

1kg Beef cut in cubes(boneless)
1 Large Onion cut into large dices
3-4 Stems Celery
5 Medium sized Carrots
1 can/bottle Guinness(500ml)
Salt and Pepper

  • With the beef cut into cubes, make sure you trim off excess fat and the cubes are an even size.
  • Take the flour and add a little salt and pepper to it then on a large bowl/plate, dust the meat through the flour while shaking off the excess flour. The idea is to have a thin layer of the flour on the meat. Ensure the meat is dry before adding to the flour.
  • Set aside the meat on a dry container/plate and have a suitable pot/sufuria on the stove to start heating up.
  • Add a little oil to the hot pot and when it starts to smoke, you can now add the meat to start browning. Make sure when you add the meat, it all touches the surface of the pot and not overlapping . If the pot is NOT hot enough the meat will start to boil and this is not a good thing. If the meat is more than the pot, work in batches and allow the meat to brown then place it aside and more meat till all is evenly brown.
  • When browning, avoid stirring until each side of the meat is brown and only stir once to turn the pieces. Do Not cover the pot during this time.
  • With all the meat evenly brown, set the meat aside on a plate and cook the onion, celery and carrots on the hot pot till slightly brown.
  • Return the meat into the pot and give a good stir, add some salt and pepper then pour the GUINNESS into the meat. Allow to come to a boil then reduce the heat to allow to simmer while covered.
  • As it simmers, stir the meat to avoid it getting stuck on the bottom of the pot.
  • Take a piece of the meat and check if its tender or tough and determine how much longer you need the meat to cook for your desired taste. If its tough allow more time time to cook.
  • As the meat cooks, the sauce will start to thicken and as it reduces, add little water if meat is tough and needs more cooking time.
  • Add the courgettes about 10 minutes before you turn off the heat and cook till cooked.
  • Check the seasoning, you should expect a sweet taste for the sauce and the meat should be tender when the stew is cooked. The meat can take anything from 45-90minutes to cook depending on how tender the meat is.

Serve with rice or you favourite accompaniment.

Chef Raphael’s Tips
When choosing what meat to use, go for the leg meat that has connecting tissues and a little marbled and not too fatty.
If you do no t have the GUINNESS, you may also use red wine although the flavours will be different. The procedure should be the same.
When using water, add tomatoes to the ingredients and cook them with the vegetables before adding the water.

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