Beer Cocktails are the New Generation Cocktails!

written by Jeannette Musembi 18th April 2013

Mentioning the term beer cocktail still elicits scepticism from people, ranging from “Why would you waste a perfectly good beer?” to warnings about the folly of mixing beer and liquor. Nevertheless, bartenders at fashionable New York bars and restaurants are experimenting heavily with beer cocktails, and have even carved out dedicated sections of their menus for them.

Here is a beer cocktail recipe perfectly suitable for tailgates, picnics, or barbecues. The Snake Bite. A pint of this beer cocktail goes down so easily that some bartenders and pubs in the UK refuse to make it.

Rumour has it that even former president Bill Clinton was denied at an English pub when he tried to order one with his lunch. The best thing about making a Snakebite yourself is that no one is going to stop you from having another. But proceed with caution.

Snakebite Recipe

beer cockt


8 ounces hard cider, chilled

8 ounces lager, chilled

1/4 ounce black currant liqueur (also crème de cassis, optional)


Pour the cider and beer into a chilled glass, layering the lager on top of the cider if desired by holding a spoon over the glass and slowly pouring the lager over the back of the spoon. Top with the blackcurrant liqueur, if using.

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