3 Beer-Infused Burger Recipes For That Extra Flavour

written by Anthony Mbugua 30th July 2019

Are you excited for Nairobi Visa Burger Week 2019 because we are! We’re excited so much that we’ve decided to share three beer-infused burger recipes as a consolation and a way to curb our enthusiasm (and appetite) before we get to munch on lots of burgers at discounted prices, plus the combos… We need to stop ourselves before we’re consumed by this beautiful burger daydream!


Cheese and Beer Burger Sliders

This is the kind of burger that makes you stop in your tracks like, woooah, beer and cheese combo? Our recipe is quite simple and it will lead to a delicious ending. Yes, the ending will be tasty, we promise. Try the recipe before Nairobi burger week gets in full gear.

Get the recipe: cheese and beer burger sliders



Beer-braised burgers

Photography by Unsplash

Hey there, have you been looking for a way to infuse your beer into cooking? Your many cans of beers have found a new use. Braised beef is unbeatable in the dining world. So we want to make your beer-braised burgers unbeatable and unforgettable on the palate.

Get the recipe: beer-braised burgers



Chicken beer-battered mini burgers

Photography by Pexels

The sound of chicken is enough to make some of you grow an instant craving. We know! But we’ve done something better. We have a recipe that combines chicken and beer to deliver a most sumptuous burger! Nairobi burger week is almost here and since we know you’ll only be getting the best deals and combos, we want you to try this recipe to prepare your palate for the awesome burgers you’ll enjoy!

Get the recipe: chicken beer-battered mini burgers


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