Behind the Scenes with Model Ajuma at Brew Bistro’s Cooking with Class

written by Jeannette Musembi 4th June 2013

If you’re a big fan of the kitchen, then Brew Bistro’s Cooking with Class should be your next project. I was recently there after a much anticipated visit since the last class i had attended. However this time, i was informed that there was a particular student attracting some worthwhile attention and of course i had to check it out.

It’s a warm Monday afternoon and Ngong Road,as we know it, was surprisingly clear. I was happy to make it in time for the class(previous experience should prove otherwise i should know).

Straight to the back of the kitchen i was shown, and that’s where all the action was anyways. I was immediately handed an apron and with my camera in hand, i was free to roam the creative space, where all the magic happens, careful not to bump into one of the students as they rushed against time to finish their projects.



I saw some familiar faces, some students who had participated in the previous classes, happy and excited as ever, even under the watchful eye of Chef Tim. That was encouraging. Brew Bistro’s Soraiya Meghji was also part of the class, and you could see she was equally excited to complete her project as she eagerly chatted with the students.




And that’s when i saw the special student-Ajuma Nasenyana battling with her rolling pin and icing dough. It’s not everyday you get to see a top model covered in flour from head to toe and frantic in the kitchen baking. It was a welcome surprise, and a good one at that. She’s a great person and you can see that from how playfully she related with her team-mate Kiprono. None of any sass in the kitchen, as many would imagine it to be. And when i asked her if she had ever baked a cake before… ”Yes at home, for my son’s birthday…”. But she laughed, so there’s a story behind that.

The students were baking cakes and for a great cause. The cakes are a large part of a charity drive that will go straight to Brew Bistro’s Help Fund. All proceeds will go towards the Big Five Breweries/African Centre for Volunteers Scholarship Fund, that supports 50 underprivileged kids from the 5 core slums in Kenya, through to Secondary School.

"The Blue Mad Hatter"

“The Blue Mad Hatter”

"Paris Hilton- It's HOT"

“Paris Hilton- It’s HOT”

"Dr. Seuss on Acid"

“Dr. Seuss on Acid”

"Chris Brown-Fine China"

“Chris Brown-Fine China”

Just in case you are thinking of how to get/buy the cakes. Check out Brew Bistro’s Facebook Page Here and bid bid bid for your pick!! You could get your hands on Ajuma’s cake too. That would be legendary.

The next cooking with class session will be in August and will teach you how to best cook French Cuisine. Better prepare yourself to sign up!


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