Which Vegetarian Type Are You?

written by Cynthia Nyabola 10th September 2014

Whether you’re strictly fish-eating, a dairy-lover or straight up hemp-wearing, you’d be surprised to learn there’s actually a decent vairety of vegetarian types (some not for the faint-hearted).


Someone on a plant based diet who occasionally eats meat of any kind, is a flexitarian or semi vegetarian. This can describe anyone from the die hard believer, the convert easing into it, or maybe just someone taking it up for a time. Meat is not forbidden but shouldn’t be part of the daily intake (once a week, month, or even year).

Savoury and spicy chicken salad at Dormans

Savoury and spicy chicken salad at Dormans



Lacto-ovo vegetarians eat eggs and dairy but don’t eat: poultry, red meat, animal flesh of any kind, or shellfish. However, if you have dairy but skip the eggs plus everything else on the the list you’d be a lacto vegetarian, if it’s vice versa (eggs but no dairy) then the Ovo vegetarian crown fits you perfectly.



Steve jobs, (have you seen the new iWatch by the way…) was a pescetarian a veggie who kept fish in his regular diet. Pescetarians believe Omega 3 is essential for optimal health. People say fish is brain food, so I’ll just leave that little factoid right there for you…



Vegans can be described as pure vegetarians, they don’t eat, wear or use any animal products whatsoever. They also don’t believe in the use of animals for personal entertainment.



Raw vegans take it a step further and as a rule do not eat foods prepared at temperatures above 46 degrees celsius, believing them to have no nutritional value and harmful to health.Raw_Vegan_Veggy_Patty




Lastly, the macrobiotic diet, followers dedicate half of their diet to whole grains, a quarter to vegetables, and about a tenth to beans and bean products like tofu, tempeh and Natto. The original diet was not for the faint of heart, (the last stage is brown rice and water), but today macrobiotics can enjoy an unprocessed vegan diet that allows for fish and seafood a few times a week.Sesame-Seeds


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