Best Job Ever? Man Earns A Living Travelling The World Drinking Guinness

written by Yoga David 4th December 2013

Fergal pours for the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh during their visit to Dublin [GOFF PHOTOS]

Fergal pours for the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh during their visit to Dublin [GOFF PHOTOS]

Fergal Murray is so lucky to have one of the best jobs on Earth, being an envy of many drinkers out there. Murray gets paid to travel the globe drinking Guinness.

Fergal is a master brewer given the responsibility to make sure that the quality of every pint that leaves the famous Storehouse brewery in Dublin is up to standards. He also has to make sure every sip of the famous drink which is brewed in 51 countries worldwide, tastes as good as it does in the Irish capital.

“It has to be close to being one of the top jobs in the world. But there is a lot of hard work involved too. As the master brewer I have to be the master of my trade.” He says.

“But the joy is when you see people enjoy the fruits of our labour. The satisfaction of the savouring of a lovely pint.” He further adds.

Fergal joined Guinness as a research chemist but later turned his hand to brewing. His job has seen him cross paths with royalty and celebrities and he has recently shared his knowledge with President Barack Obama and Tom Cruise.

Tom was Fergal's favourite celebrity encounter [[JOHN WARD]]

Tom was Fergal’s favourite celebrity encounter [[JOHN WARD]]

“Tom Cruise was my favourite. He is a Guinness fan and crafted a great pint, which he really enjoyed.”

Fergal said that it was a privilege for him to meet so many big names and teach them how to pour a pint of Guinness. But he admits he didn’t feel so nervous as when he had to play as a barman for the Queen, even though she did not touch a drop of the pint.

“It was amazing to have Her Majesty at the Guinness Storehouse, although I don’t think I have ever been under so much pressure to deliver a perfect pint. The eyes of the world were on me,” Fergal said.

“She drank it with her eyes. The visual impact was all she needed.”

Despite spending his working life tasting the stout Fergal still enjoys a pint of it in a cracking pub.

“There’s nothing better than a great pint in a great pub.” He concludes.

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