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written by Liz Maelane 24th August 2015

If you’re craving jollof rice, pepper soup or any other West African cuisine or you’re just looking to embrace the Kenyan experience with some Nyama Choma, Beans or Chapati, visit any of the following reliable African cuisine restaurants in Nairobi.

Amaica The Restaurant

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Customer ReviewsBest Of Nairobi: African Restaurants-Amaica

Neatly situated along Peponi Rd, Kenya dishes are prepared here with such precision, you will not want to dine on Kenyan cuisine from any other place. The restaurant has a spacious play area for children with swings and slides and is also suitable for a special outing with your loved one.

Avg. Cost: 1000 kshs. per person

Must Try: Any African dish



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Customer ReviewsBest of Nairobi: African Restaurants-Carnivore

Well known for the great barbeque available, this restaurant offers tasty dishes from within Africa and uniquely roasted meats. They also serve game meat so if you fancy some crocodile or ostrich meat, this is the place to be. They also have a bar for you to sample on their ‘dawa’ cocktail. It will most definitely be worth the while.

Avg. Cost: 1200 kshs. per person

Must Try: Game meat


Ethiopian and Eritrean Restaurants

Nairobi has so many good options for Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine we just had to dedicateBest of Nairobi: African Restaurants-Ethiopian and Eritrean Restaurants an entire article to them. Expect dishes such as Injera, Ziltel strips, which are strips of beef pan fried with onions and garlic among other treats. The settings always encourage communal eating so prepare to ditch the fork and knife and dig in with your hands.


Le Palanka

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Customer ReviewsBest Of Nairobi: African Restaurants-Le Palanka

Le Palanka specializes in dishes from around the continent. Expect to find variety leaving you spoilt for choice on which African country to visit on your culinary journey courtesy of the expertly prepared dishes. They also have uniquely mixed cocktails both alcoholic and non-alcoholic that you can sip on as you wash down your hearty delicious meal.

Avg. Cost: 1200 kshs. per person

Must Try: Beef stew.


Mama Oliech

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Customer ReviewsBest of Nairobi: African Restaurants-Mama Oliech

Mama Oliech specializes in cuisine from Western Kenyan or more specifically, Luo Cuisine.  It’s simple set up and affordable menu is what make the place down to earth. Expect items like sukuma, ugali, chapati and fantastic tilapia options.

Avg. Cost: 700 kshs.

Must Try: Tilapia


Nyama Choma at Kenyatta Market

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This is Nairobi so you’re bound to find a nyama choma joint at almost every corner in the city. Best of Nairobi: African Restaurants-Nyama Choma at Kenyatta MarketSome top spots are K1 Klub house, Simmers Bar in the CBD, Choma Zone and many others. Read here for a full list of Nyama Choma spots. However, a truly unique experience has to be a trip out to the busy, bustling meat mecca that is Kenyatta Market. Bring your own beer from outside and work your way through the maze of hollering vendors and smoke to find a good spot under the stall of the vendor that eventually wins you over. Each stall offers a tasty selection of goat, chicken or beef and ugali and/or chips and never forget the kachumbari (salsa). Dig into your meal whilst washing it down with ice cold beers or soft drinks. The sights, sounds and vibrant energy in this place make it all the more memorable.

Avg. Cost: 500 kshs. per person

Must Try: Mbuzi choma with chips and kachumbari


Hope you found this article helpful! Find out which are Nairobi’s best Nyama Choma spots

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