Great Cafes To Work From In Nairobi

written by Sylvia Kerubo 18th April 2018

Good Wi-Fi, amazing coffee and the option to eat good food – those factors are what make for a great cafe to work in. Nairobi is definitely the city of the “mobile office” with its great cafes that allow for productivity and focus even when you’re working remotely. Here’s our pick of the best coffee shops and restaurants for working (and of course a bit of eating in between).


Best of Nairobi : Bars and restaurants for parties-Artcaffe Oval

Artcaffe Oval

Located in various malls across Nairobi, there’s always bound to be an Artcaffe near you. Artcaffe branches are always bright, light-filled cafés with a fresh, modern and cozy environment. They are known for serving the best roasted coffees, tea, hearty dishes and a wide selection of desserts and pastries at affordable rates. Their wifi is always reliable and you’ll never be rushed.

Alabaster Lounge at Crowne Plaza

Alabaster Lounge at The Crowne Plaza is a good, quiet retreat from the busy city. Crowne Plaza  is a hotspot for business people who are travelling or attending meetings and because Alabaster is in the lobby, there’s always good, focused energy in the space. The lounge serves a selection of light meals, including sandwiches & pastries as well as hot & cold beverages. They are opened daily from early in the morning until 11:00pm.

Colosseum Coffee Bar and Restaurant

Colosseum is located in West End Towers on Waiyaki Way making it a prime destination for working remotely. It’s a quiet retreat from the bustling streets and offers delicious coffees, pastries and authentic Italian food.


Best of Nairobi: Eight places for a great breakfast-Dormans


Dormans branches are fresh, colorful and easy going. Each branch is unique, cozy and tastefully  designed with friendly servers that are consistently good. With reliable internet, great sandwiches and the best coffee around, Dormans is a top choice for working or even just reading.

360 Degrees Artisan Pizza

Don’t be fooled by the striking modern design and fantastic menu, 360 Degrees is a fantastic place to work. With its high ceilings, fast wi-fi, fantastic service and high quality food and drink, you’ll find yourself working well into lunch and even dinner with every intention of returning the next day.

Java House

One of the largest coffee chains in Kenya with multiple chains around Nairobi, Java prides themselves for being one of the finest producers of hand-roasted coffee and freshly prepared home style food with great Mexican dishes too. It’s hard to walk around a corner in the CBD and not find a Java branch. These are your go-to work cafes downtown.

Tin Roof Cafe

Their boutique, outdoor cafés offer a healthy range of salads, sandwiches and smoothies. They like life away from malls because they prefer quiet, green spaces.

Karel T Lounge 

Karel is the factual place for tea and coffee passionate and for those ones who dream of a place to escape the daily strains of life and a cozy/homey place to gather with friends, colleagues and dates. Tasty and delicious Mediterranean centric-menu, including a variety of fresh and colorful salads and gluten free options will be served every day.

News Cafe

News Cafe

News Cafe offers and facilitates a premium entertainment experience for its aspirational customer base by efficiently serving world class food offerings and premier beverage choices in an atmosphere that is contemporary, vibrant and relevant. Over the past two decades, News Cafe has grown from a single store in Hatfield, established in 1995, to a multi-national house-hold name.

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