Best of Nairobi – Chinese Restaurants

written by Liz Maelane 27th August 2015

When eating at Nairobi’s Chinese restaurants you may be expecting steamed dumplings and chow mein and get garlic chili chicken and chili noodles in garlic sauce instead – don’t be alarmed. The local spin-off on Chinese food otherwise known as Indo-chinese can often confuse first timers. Just think of it as all your Chinese favorites but with garlic, ginger and chili – a more Indian style of Chinese food. If you’re really after the traditional stuff then Nairobi still has you covered with authentic Chinese restaurants in abundance located all over the city.


Double Dragon

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Customer ReviewsBest of Nairobi-Chinese Restaurants-Double Dragon

Upon meeting the friendly manager, you’ll soon realize that you’ve come to the right place. Double Dragon is bright, large and tastefully decorated with 5 private dining rooms designed in the traditional Chinese way – built for sharing meals. Grab a table at the main restaurant or a quick take out at their stall in the food court. It’s best to go with a group of people so as to sample a variety of dishes.

Avg. Cost: Ksh. 1000 per person

Must Try: Dumplings and won tons.


For You

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Customer ReviewsBest of Nairobi-Chinese Restaurants-For You

At night, it’s easy to get drawn in by For You because of the beautiful, ethereal red lanterns that are visible from the road. Once inside this massive space you have a choice between the breezy garden seating area and the homely interior. Kids can run around and play in the children’s area whilst parents grab a drink and enjoy Indo-Chinese classics and a few traditional Chinese dishes. The best part is at the end of the meal when you get a little toy—a small purse, a fan, or some fun plastic contrition—to take home with you as a memoir.

Avg. Cost: Ksh. 900 per person

Must Try: Their soups.


Little Sheep Hot Pot

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Best of Nairobi-Chinese Restaurants-Little sheep hot potOff to the side of Ngong Road in Kilimani is this small, homely restaurant (it seriously is someone’s home) that houses a wonderful dining experience. Hot Pot is when a group of people choose raw (sometimes partially cooked) items from the menu—i.e shitake mushrooms, tofu, beef strips, chicken, rice noodles or udon noodles etc.—and it gets brought to your table—which is round and has a hot plate at its center—for you to cook. You place the ingredients into an enormous wok with water and cook to your liking. Once complete you share each treat in small bowls with delicious sauces, over rounds of refreshing drinks and cheerful conversation – it’s awesome.

Avg. Cost:Ksh. 1200 per person

Must Try: Pork selections.


Mister Wok

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Customer ReviewsBest of Nairobi-Chinese Restaurants-Mister Wok

This polished, modernly designed restaurant has an upmarket oriental feel to it. Their menu is extensive and features the usual Indo-Chinese favorites but with a few unique dishes from the talented chef. With two locations—one in Capital Centre on Mombasa Road and Forest Plaza Apartments in Parklands—there’s access to the sleek restaurant on both sides of Nairobi.

Avg. Cost: Ksh. 1000 per person

Must Try: Sizzling plates.


Nanchang Hotel

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Customer ReviewsBest of Nairobi-Chinese Restaurants-Orchard restaurant at Nanchang Hotel

If authentic is what you seek, the authentic is what you’re going to get at this restaurant. Located on the ground floor of Nanchang Hotel in Westlands is the hotel’s simple, no-nonsense restaurant – a fully fledged Chinese eatery where the menu itself is in Chinese! Just ask any of the helpful wait staff for a bit of guidance and you’ll find it all worth it when you’re soon tucking into a hot beef or chicken noodle broth that will make you forget you’re even in Nairobi.

Avg. Cost: Ksh. 800 per person

Must Try: Noodle dishes.


Panda Chinese Restaurant

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Best of Nairobi-Chinese Restaurants-Panda Chinese RestaurantCustomer Reviews

If the first floors of the CBD’s seemingly uninviting buildings hold the city’s dining gems, then Panda is certainly on that list. Easy to miss from street level is this unassuming staircase that opens up—rather colorfully and spectacularly—to a traditional Chinese restaurant. Although the gold, reds, lucky cats and rice wine stocked bars are mesmerizing – it’s the menu that boasts a variety of steamed, fried and grilled Chinese delicacies that make the place truly memorable. If you’re in town, make a point to visit.

Avg. Cost: Ksh. 1100 per person

Must Try: Duck dishes.



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Customer ReviewsBest of Nairobi-Chinese Restaurants-Shangrila

Shangri-La describes itself as “the place where India meets China” – and there couldn’t be a more apt description. Located in Diamond Plaza, the restaurant splits its menu between Indo-Chinese and Indian items. Step into the warm and ornate interior and indulge your chili garlic cravings with fried rice, noodles, chicken, beef and more.

Avg. Cost: Ksh. 800 per person

Must Try: Manchurian.


Taste of China

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Best of Nairobi-Chinese Restaurants-Taste of ChinaIf the breathtaking view of Westlands and greater Nairobi don’t make you fall in love with this place then their food certainly will. Taste of China’s boldly colored walls decorated with leaves and and dragons heads feel as adventurous as their food’s many bold flavors. They have a unique combination of garlic, ginger, sugar and pepper that is used in many of their dishes giving them a sweet and savory punch all at once. If Indo-Chinese is what you came for then open yourself up to everything on the menu because essentially everything is delicious here. You can’t go wrong.

Avg. Cost: Ksh. 1000  per person

Must Try: Salt and Pepper Fish, Vegetables or Chicken.



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