Best of Nairobi – Restaurants With Great Breakfast

written by Liz Maelane 21st August 2015

Are you a croissant and coffee person, a fruit, granola and smoothie person or do you need bacon, eggs, sausage and toast just to come alive? For quick, on-the-go breakfasts as well as long leisurely ones, read our list of the best restaurants for breakfast in Nairobi. This list features restaurants outside hotels. For great hotel breakfast around the city, read here.

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Best of Nairobi: 8 places for great breakfast- About THymeCustomer Reviews

Start your day with a nicely prepared breakfast in a leafy, secluded area of Westlands where good food and drinks can be enjoyed in a tranquil setting.

Avg. Cost: Ksh. 1,200 per person (breakfast + drink)

Must Try: Eggs florentine



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Customer ReviewsBest of Nairobi" Cafes for Breakfast-Artcaffe

You’re likely to find an Artcaffe almost in every corner of Nairobi nowadays with their well designed, bright and refreshing interiors. Their breakfast menu is diverse and offers a range of items from super healthy to super guilty – the perfect combination. Being a bakery of such high standard, you know you can trust them to start your day off in a tasty way.

Avg. Cost: Ksh. 1000  per person (breakfast + coffee)

Must Try: French toast with brioche bread – to.die.for



Map & DirectionsBest of Nairobi: Eight places for a great breakfast-Dormans

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Knowing that the Dormans coffee brand carries so much esteem, it’s no surprise that their breakfast offerings are just as fantastic. Pop into a Dormans outlet near you for an affordable, scrumptious breakfast. Don’t forget to order a coffee with that too!

Avg. Cost: Ksh. 900 . per person (breakfast + coffee)

Must Try: Dormans Waffles



Best of Nairobi: Eight places for a great breakfast-Jade Coffee and  Tea House at Zen GardenMap & Directions

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The Jade – Coffee & Tea House is an all-day Café serving excellent breakfasts,  brunches, light lunches and exotic teas. It’s open, airy, garden setting is a truly refreshing way to start the day.

Avg. Cost: Ksh. 1100  per person (breakfast + coffee)

Must Try: Breakfast baguette with smoked salmon and cream cheese


Java House

Map & DirectionsBest of Nairobi: Eight places for a great breakfast-Java Coffee House

Customer Reviews

Arguably the largest coffee chain in Nairobi, Java will have you sorted if you are in a rush in the morning. Enjoy a fresh cup of coffee as you choose anything from pancakes and scrambled eggs to sausages and salsa – whatever you decide it’s always piping hot, delicious and easy on the pocket.

Avg. Cost: Ksh. 700 per person (breakfast + coffee)

Must Try: Huevos Rancheros


Mama’s Patisserie

Map & DirectionsBest of Nairobi: Eight Places for a great breakfast-Mama's Patisserie

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Mama’s is a little slice of Paris adoringly fashioned by a self taught chef with a passion for the fine art of French baking. Come enjoy a simple but flavorsome breakfast in this adorable eatery reminiscent of a Parisian street cafe.

Avg. Cost: Ksh. 1000 per person (breakfast + coffee)

Must Try: Coffee and fresh French pastry


Moniko’s Kitchen

Map & DirectionsBest of Nairobi: 8 places for great breakfast- Monikos KItchen

Customer Reviews

This lovely courtyard restaurant in Valley Arcade is great for enjoying a breezy breakfast with a Mediterranean flair. Moniko’s is easygoing and great for all kinds of breakfast – family, on-the-go or business.

Avg. Cost: Ksh. 850 per person (breakfast + coffee)

Must Try: Hungry Man’s Breakfast (with a whole beef fillet!)


Snack Attack

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Customer ReviewsBest of Nairobi: Eight places for a great breakfast-Snack Attack

With branches at Adams Arcade and Sarit Centre, Snack Attack has you covered with their cheap and cheerful breakfast menu that can even be delivered to your office! How cool is that?

Avg. Cost: KSh. 500 (breakfast item)

Must Try: Any of their muffins

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