Best Of Nairobi – Five Top Places To Karaoke In Nairobi

written by Liz Maelane 19th August 2015

Kenyans can sometimes seem shy but put us in a fun environment with a few drinks and you have a party. Nairobi’s karaoke scene definitely pales in comparison to many other cities around the world but you’ll be glad to know there at least a few options. Show off your singing skills—or lack there of—at one of these karaoke spots in town.

Natives Bar and Grill

Map & DirectionsFive top plaves for Karaoke in Nairobi-Natives Bar and Grill


Every Wednesday from 7pm till 11pm.

What’s In It For You?

The best singer wins a bottle of whisky!


Club Seven’s

Map & DirectionsBest of Nairobi 5 top places to karaoke in Nairobi-Club Seven's


Every Tuesday from 7 pm till late.

What’s In It For You?

Each singer gets a shot of Tequila and the best male and female singer carry home a bottle of vodka or red wine!


Sirville Brewery

Map & DirectionsBest of Nairobi 5 top places to karaoke in Nairobi


Every Wednesday from 5pm till 8pm (during happy hour).

What’s In It For You?

Free Tequila shots for all participants!


Tokyo Japanese Restaurant

Map & Directions5 best palces to karaoke in Nairobi


Tokyo has a fun private karaoke room that is only available for bookings throughout the week. It’s Ksh. 4,000  for the first 2 hours and Ksh. 1,500  for each additional hour up to midnight. Dinner must be taken before using the karaoke room.

What’s In It For You?

A more private experience of karaoke where you can really let your hair down because you know everyone in the room! Not to mention the amazing sushi, cocktails and Japanese cuisine on offer at Tokyo.


Hip Hop Karaoke at The Vineyard

Map & Directions

Five top plaves for Karaoke in Nairobi-The VineyardlWhen?

One Tuesday a month.

What’s In It For You?

You get to prove once and for all that you can sing/rap like a pro (or an enthusiastic amateur) over your favorite hip hop tune – classic or new school.


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