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written by Liz Maelane 28th February 2018

Are you a T-bone, Rump or Rib-eye kind of person? Do you like your steaks cooked medium-rare or medium-well? Whatever your answer, you must be a steak lover and if that’s the case then take note of our pick of the best steakhouses and grills Nairobi has to offer.

Eagles Steakhouse

Map & Directions

Customer ReviewsBest of Nairobi-Steakhouses-Eagles Steakhouse at Ole Sereni

If you find yourself along Mombasa Road bathing in the serenity that is Ole Sereni and craving a juicy steak, Eagles Steakhouse will cure that craving. The restaurant is located on the 4th floor and overlooks the watering hole of the Nairobi National Park and evokes an adventurous view as you indulge in your steak.

Avg. Cost: Ksh. 2200 per person (main course + drink)

Must Try: Nyama Choma

Olpul Steak House And Grill

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Customer Reviews

Situated at Two Rivers Mall, Olpul steak house and grill brings to life the exotic “Nyama Choma” Kenyan culture in a modern 21st-century setting. The meat presented is from the finest ranches in Kenya with options of freshly cut to 21 day aged meat set on the menu. All marinades are made from locally sourced spices, oils, and herbs to ensure that both the flavour and the texture of the steaks served are as delicious and authentic as the culture that inspired it.

Avg. Cost: Ksh. 1400 per person

Must-Try: Morendat Beef

Fogo Gaucho

Map & Directions

Customer ReviewsBest of Nairobi-Steakhouses-Fogo Gaucho

Located in Westlands at the Viking House along Waiyaki Way, Fogo Gaucho is a meat heaven you dare not miss. Their all-you-can-eat lunch and dinner buffet make for the perfect meat experience. They cater for all types of events so whether its a birthday, a business meeting or an anniversary, Fogo will create a memorable South Brazilian experience.

Avg. Cost: Ksh. 1800 per person (buffet + drink)

Must-Try: Grilled sausages

Golden Spur Steak Ranch

Map & Directions

Southern Sun Mayfair Hotel is home to the Spur Steak Ranch, a South African chain of restaurants that serve a great assortment of meats from steaks, and ribs to burgers and chicken. They have an all-you-can-eat offer on their ribs on Thursdays and on Wednesdays, you’re little ones eat free!

Avg. Cost: Ksh. 1700 per person (buffet + drink)

Must-Try: BBQ Ribs

Graze Steakhouse

Map & Directions

Customer ReviewsBest of Nairobi-Steakhouses-Graze Steak House

Have you ever met someone for the first time and you instantly click? The Graze Steakhouse at Sankara has taken Nairobi by storm. Recently opened, the Graze Steakhouse will tempt you with aged beef served topped with fresh bearnaise, pepper sauce, red wine jus or their delicious garlic butter. What I love about them is how they pair your meal with carefully selected wines and whisky from some of the best producers in the world. Sounds like the best friend you’ve been looking for!

Avg. Cost: Ksh. 2400 per person (main course + drink)

Must-Try: Classic New York Style Steak

Hemingways Brasserie

Map & Directions

Customer ReviewsBest of Nairobi-Steakhouses-Hemingways Brasserie

In the heart of Karen, you will find the Hemingways Nairobi in all its glory with its doors wide open, ready to welcome you and your hungry appetite. The most unique feature of the Hemingways Brasserie is the Josper oven. This indoor barbecue is one-of-a-kind in Kenya and produces the best steaks at a sizzling 800F. Their beef is aged for 21 days to bring out its flavour and texture when cooked.

Avg. Cost: Ksh. 2500 per person (main course + drink)

Must-Try: Rib-eye steak

Pampa Churrascaria

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Customer Reviews

Best of Nairobi-Steak Houses-Pampa ChurascarriaAt Pampa Churrascaria they offer 12 types of Brazilian barbecued meat where diners eat as much as they like with exotic meat served only when available. The concept is called ‘Rodizio’. The meats are grilled to perfection and served right at the table. In addition, diners can choose from their sumptuous salad bar and buffet for accompaniments for the meat. They have a soup of the day, 16 types of salads, 3 hot dishes, 3 side dishes and house dessert.

Avg. Cost: Ksh. 1800 per person (buffet + drink)

Must-Try: Grilled beef

Seven Seafood and Grill

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Customer Reviews

Saturday afternoon shopping sprees tend to work up your appetite. If you’re looking for somewhere ambient and peaceful to relax and have a meal, pop into Sevens Seafood and Grill at ABC Place. They serve the finest Kenyan beef cuts that are carefully hand-selected and prepared to match your delectable taste.

Avg. Cost: Ksh. 2000 per person (main course + drink)

Must Try: Surf N Turf

Soaring Eagle Spur

Map & Directions

Customer ReviewsBest of Nairobi-Steakhouses-Soaring Eagle Spur

The Soaring Eagle at Eka Hotel is one steakhouse you cannot go wrong with. Located on Mombasa Road, their wide selection of steaks, burgers and delightful salads will sweep you off your feet. Your little ones will never have a dull moment thanks to the activity area which includes a jungle gym, PlayStation, a colouring sheet and balloons. How’s that for family fun?

Avg. Cost: Ksh. 1700per person (main course + drink)

Must-Try: BBQ Ribs

Tatu at The Fairmont Norfolk

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Customer Reviews

In the CBD? Tatu at The Fairmont Norfolk will whip you up a nice juicy steak and treat you like royalty. Although they are a fine dining establishment, they have some of the best steaks in town. Their speciality, the Morendat Platinum Beef comes from a selection of crossbred steers which are fed on premium corn and are dry-aged for 21 days to give the steak its great taste and flavour.

Avg. Cost: Ksh. 2200 per person (main course + drink)

Must-Try: Steak made from Aged Angus Beef

Ventana Restaurant 

Maps & directions 

Customer reviews

One of the best places to get steak is Ventana restaurant. Located at the Bidwood Suites in Westlands, this upscale gastro-pub is also great for the family. The best part is, you can head here for the simple bites such as their Philly Steak Sandwich, made with chargrilled tenderloin strips and mozzarella cheese in a baguette, to main dishes such as their T-Bone steak which is marinated overnight, char seared and served with the side dish of your choice and sauce.

Avg. Cost: Ksh. 2950 per person (steak + side dish+ drink)

Must-Try: Beef Fry Bora 


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