Salted Caramel Desserts That You Have To Try Out

written by Jacquie Mwai 3rd December 2018

This month, blogger J.mwai showcases her findings for the best Salted Caramel desserts and treats that made her swoon.

Salted Caramel Tart – Le Grenier À Pain

Since opening its doors, the ornately set Le Grenier à Pain has quickly gained a reputation for being the home of delectable French pastry. Their salted caramel tart is a tale of sheer goodness. Director, Myra Kivuvani lets me in on a secret or two as to why this dessert remains the most pleasant surprise to their diners. The shell of the tart is an amazing Almond Sablé cookie that holds in the gooey filling. Just the right dash of ‘Fleur de Sel’ (French sea salt) is what Pastry Chef Agnes Ooko adds on her caramel mixture to give it the perfect seasoning and taste. My indulgence on this day was garnished by perfectly toasted walnuts. Depending on what’s in season; assorted berries, mini macaroons or even pecan nuts can be a choice for garnishing.

Salted Caramel Cake – Artcaffe Oval

Artcaffe Oval is one of my favourite hangout spots. It’s hard not to love that fresh ambiance that is nearly as tasteful as their ‘to-die-for’ delicacies. Everyone who knows me is aware that my adoration for sponge cakes will one day be sang about; and Artcaffe is home to a sinfully awesome salted caramel cake. The layered caramel cake comes with salted caramel toffee and a touch of dark chocolate. Don’t be fooled by the ‘salty’… this is just to intricately enhance the depth and complexity of the various flavours in the cake.

Salted Caramel Ice Cream – Delia’s All Natural Ice Cream

It’s enticing enough that all the flavours of Delia’s All Natural Ice Cream are made from scratch using locally sourced produce. Proprietor, Delia Brown tells me that Delia’s salted caramel ice cream is their most popular flavour and from the way the ice cream dazzles my palate, it is definitely mine too. They uniquely whip up their caramel sauce from scratch, add sea salt and blend it into their vanilla ice cream. Ingredients used include milk, cream, sugar, eggs, salt and acacia tree gum.

Caramel Frapppé – Java House

Back in the day, a gentleman called Dimitris Vakondios accidentally discovered Frappé; an iced blended coffee beverage topped with ice cream. So when I sit down with my mug of delish Java Caramel Frappé, I feel like the foodie in me is rightfully paying homage to this lad. Java’s smooth and rich Frappé menu also includes Coffee Latte, Coffee Vanilla and Mocha Frappé. The caramel frappe boasts a rich caramel flavour with coffee, blended with ice and a generous topping of whipped cream.

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