Best Restaurants For African Cuisine

written by Yoga David 28th May 2014
From West Africa’s jollof rice to Mombasa’s kuku wa kupaka,  here are African themed restaurants to sample at least a few of these exquisite foods

Are you looking for top places in town where you can enjoy some good African cuisine? Look no further because we have you covered.

We have complied a list of  some top places in Nairobi where you can enjoy great African cuisine selections with your favourite meal accompaniment.


Amaica Restaurants


Amaica is a restaurant that overlooks an excellent view for those who would appreciate a serene ambiance and treasure trove of authentic Kenyan culture as you enjoy African and Kenya themed delicacies. The restaurant serves buffet lunch incorporating two different meals and ala Carte menu from each region in the country.


The Nairobi Mamba Village Restaurant


At Mamba Village you get to ignite your taste buds as you sample a variety of African and Kenyan dishes. Their mixed choma platter is a favourite, as you indulge in sundowners by the pier.


Tipuana Gardens


Located at the leafy suburbs at Karen, Tipuana Gardens is a fine dining with a cozy outdoor dining area, patio seating and an elegant lounge deck. Their menu is ‘fusion’ with a touch of Kenya and African cuisines that appeal to a diverse clientele.


Le Palanka


Le Palanka has a culinary adventure that is complete with different and delicious menus. They have a fusion of the traditional and innovative African cuisine. Discover new tastes and flavors of Africa which combine well with a unique dining experience.


The Carnivore


Widely referred to as ‘Africa’s Greatest Eating Experience’. Carnivore offers every type of meat imaginable including a selection of African and exotic meat that is usually roasted over charcoal and carved as you watch at your table. This comes with delicious side dishes and an excellent array of sauces complement.


Dari Restaurant


Dari has a persuasive yet captivating menu with fresh African produce. They treat you to dishes like classic fried tilapia, sukuma wiki puree, crispy arrowroot and decadent desserts. All this can be accompanied by sumptuous mango tart with coconut ice cream, which is simply divine.

For information about restaurants that offer African Cuisines check here or make a call at 0711222222

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