Beyond Fruits: Your Freshest Neighborhood Store

by David

Sitting proudly along Pramk Swahmi Avenue is an exposed red brick building with a clean parking and simple exterior that is home to a neighbourhood grocery store that is steadily popping up around Kenya. Beyond Fruits is a simple grocery store that is looking to personalise your experience. A new member of Fresh ‘N’ Juici Group, Beyond Fruits was founded in 2017 to cater to the Kenyan Retail market with Fresh Fruits & Vegetables. With an experience of more than 40 years in this field, their highly qualified team is ready to serve our customer with the finest and top-notch quality products from all over the world. Their core values are being pure and fruitful with an emphasis on honesty, integrity and respect
for local and international growers, employees and most of all for you, their loyal customers.

From the minute you walk into their Parklands branch, you are greeted by a colourful display of fruits and vegetables that you will be tempted to fill your cart with. An attentive attendant meets you at the door and directs you to exactly what you’re looking for. The juice bar located right at the entrance is where you might spend most of your time picking freshly squeezed juices, maybe crack open a coconut and enjoy some fresh coconut water as you do your shopping or stock up on their fresh fruit salads that are cut and packed fresh daily. Their freshly squeezed juices come in combinations of pineapple mint, beetroot passion and mango passion but we suggest grabbing two or more bottles of their freshly made sugarcane juice because one bottle is never enough. Along with the fruit juices, you can find a wide variety of vegetable juices such as the detox juice that contains a combination of cucumber, celery, lime and mint which are aimed at boosting immunity and enriching your body with nutrients.

A quick walk around the store gives you an idea of just how much variety is available. From seasonal fruits such as blueberries and nectarines to vegetable staples such as sukuma wiki, purple cabbage and local tomatoes, each shelf is well stocked and neatly arranged. Their staff stands around ready to help you find that elusive fruit you went to thee different stores to find, carry your basket and help you take your things to your car. Look out for offers and new arrivals in their expansive cold section where you will find fresh herbs and precut vegetables that promise to make your healthy cooking easier wait to be picked.

Beyond Fruits has set up their aesthetically pleasing stores in 13 different locations around Kenya so that you don’t have to worry about finding the freshest fruits and vegetables. You can also find their juice bar menu on their website at Check out their Instagram page @beyondfruitske to find out how you can get your fruits and vegetables delivered to you fresh daily. Read all about their beginnings and what you can look forward to in 2020 in this interview with Yasmeen, Retail Operations Manager of Beyond Fruits and drop into their newest store in Parklands.

Instagram: @beyondfruitske
Facebook: Beyond Fruits Kenya

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