Birthdays: Put an Italian Twist on Your Special Occasion

written by MagicBox 23rd September 2015

Everybody has a favourite way to celebrate their birthday, whether it’s a massive, lively party, a long, relaxed meal with family and friends or an intimate, quiet evening spent with that special someone. But no matter what type of celebration you enjoy, a little pampering and special attention can never go amiss, especially in the form of great food and drink.

While Kenyans might expect to be treated on their birthdays, Italians do things a little differently. In fact, they do the exact opposite – the birthday boy or girl covers the tab for whatever celebration they choose, from a huge party to a dinner out with friends. For those thinking of an Italian-style birthday, fear not; it is still your big day, after all. Guests at these celebrations always bring gifts, so the bigger the party the bigger your haul!

Birthdays: Put an Italian Twist on Your Special Occasion

Whether you’re thinking of following that particular tradition or not, celebrating your birthday at Mediterraneo will put an Italian twist on the occasion, with delicious, authentic dishes and exclusive imported wines. Meals at either of the three branches, in The Junction, 9 West and Gigiri, are always memorable, but even regulars can find something new and exciting to mark special occasions. Each month boasts a new Chef’s Special Menu, featuring dishes made with seasonal or rare ingredients and innovations from Chef Dario, like September’s Homemade Red Chili Farfalle with Salmon, Asparagus Tips, Onion and Lemon Zest. Reserve a table today for a birthday celebration as unforgettable as it is unique

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