Bizarre St Patrick’s Day Foods and Drinks

written by Winnie Wangui 15th March 2016

What comes to mind when you hear of St. Patrick’s day? Green right? Most people associate the day’s celebrations with drinking green beer, eating green food, wearing green attire and a whole bunch of other green stuff.

Although the idea of eating luminious green food sounds pretty revolting, St. Patrick’s day seems to be the one day where folk make an exeption and embrace bizarre green food and drinks.

Check out some of the weird grub that surface during the holiday celebrations…

Green Pancakes

Green Pancakes

It’s not surprising that someone may wonder whether these are safe for human consumption -we wouldn’t want to have a green aftermath you know! But don’t you worry, these are just your average pancakes with a few drops of green food colour. Phew!

Bizarre St Patrick Food & Drink


Green Donuts

These scrumptious green snacks invite you to take a big bite from their bright colour.

St. Patrick's day green popcorn

Green Popcorn

This is definitely the epitome of weird and out of this world in a completely grotesque way. You would have to be really daring and brave to eat green popcorn.

Bizarre St Patrick Food & Drink

Green Beer

Green beer sparks mischief and temptation to some extent doesn’t it?

St.Patrick's day Irish car bomb

Irish Car Bomb

Well, this drink is not green but it is unusual in its own unique way. It’s an explosive concoction of a shot glass of Bailey’s and Irish whiskey, poured into Guinness. It has to be taken rather quickly because it curdles and leaves a horrid taste.

Bizarre St Patrick Food & Drink

Irish flag themed drink

Being an Irish holiday, a patriotic drink is a must-have for the whiskey rich country. This  drink is so amazing such that when you drink it, you can actually taste the different layers; first, the Irish Cream, then Licor 43 (a Spanish liqueur) then the green mint cream. Shots anyone?


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