Bizzare desserts that taste better than they sound

written by Winnie Wangui 7th April 2015

More often than not, we usually find ourselves saving some space for dessert whenever we are having a full course meal. Being a dessert fanatic, I often find myself trying out the weirdest looking sweet dishes out of curiosity and also to prove wrong those who believe if it looks weird, it definitely tastes weird.

On that note, here is a list of desserts that sound strange enough to make your face cringe but taste the absolute opposite. Prepare yourself for the interesting read that follows because I guarantee you will definitely want to try one just to satisfy your curiosity.



This traditional course originates from South East Asia and is popular in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore Vietnam and other countries within the region. The “green worms” in this sweet treat are jelly noodles made with green food coloring so don’t let them fool you. Other contents of Cendol include coconut milk, shaved ice, pal sugar and red beans.

Thailand’s chocolate covered crickets

Chocolate covered crickets

Chocolate makes everything look and taste better, even crickets in Thai cuisine. Now this gave me the chills but apparently chocolate covered insects are a popular dish. Horrifying, right?

Taipei’s Green Dysentery

green dysentery

Now this is definitely going to make you cringe. Modern Restaurant in Taipei serves its dish in toilet-shaped bowls with their dropping-like dishes neatly packed purposely to suit the theme.

Japanese Wasabi Ice Cream 

wasabi icecream

Usually used to give sushi a fiery kick, you wouldn’t expect wasabi to be used to make something that is supposed to be sweet like ice cream. Well, trust the Japanese to think of this crazy dish. Unexpectedly though it is quite palatable with its tongue-tingling, tangy taste. Japan is also known to have other crazy ice cream flavors such as shrimp, chicken wings and cactus among others.

Deep fried candy bars


This concept is generally known to have originated from Scotland in 1995. However, deep fried candies have since become a widespread treat served in various places around the world. Often served at fast food joints with a side of fries, this delicacy can also be prepared at home. All you need is your favorite candy bar, flour-based batter and a fired up deep fryer.

Red bean cake

red bean cake

Also originating from Asia, this dish is made from a paste of Azuki beans which are mashed, sweetened and frozen. This is then usually cut into squares to accompany various pastries and cakes.

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