Boulette Oeuf

written by serebites 11th February 2014

Boulette Oeuf

This is one of my favorite classics… We always have it during Ramadhan and on special occasions. It’s really easy to make, if you are a fan of kebabs, you will love this too. We use the French term for meatball and egg *Boulette Ouef* But it’s also known as Scotch egg.


We Need:

½ Kg mince meat *I prefer beef*

10 hard boiled eggs

1 egg yolk

1 medium sized onion

2 large potatoes

Tablespoon of parsley, garlic & ginger paste

A pinch of ground cumin, cardamom and coriander & black pepper

Vegetable cooking oil for frying * I prefer Fresh Fry cooking oil*

A cup of flour                                                  

Salt to taste


Let’s Cook:

Peel and boil the potatoes until done. I mince my meat twice, makes it easier to use.

Finely slice the onions. In a bowl, mix the meat, onions, parsley, garlic & ginger paste,

Cardamom and coriander, salt & black pepper.

Mash the boiled potatoes and add into the mixture.

Mix well.

With clean hands, (an egg at a time), take a handful of the mixture and cover the egg with it, making sure the whole

Egg is covered. You can use as much meat mixture as you want but I prefer a sizeable amount so that the meat is

Cooked through. Coat the egg roll in flour, coat it with egg yolk and set aside. Repeat the procedure until all eggs are covered J

I heat the pan then add the cooking oil for good measure. You can use a cooking thermometer to check the temperature of the oil,

Which should be at 120 degrees. But I wing it 😉

Add the eggs depending on the size of your frying pan but don’t over crowd. When on side turns brown, flip and let it brown.

Remove and place it on cooking paper towels or old newspapers.

Really easy to make and can be served on a bed of lettuce with one of my sauces.

It is also a complimentary Dish with fries, rice etc


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