Brazil Here We Come – Kick Off with Capirinhas

written by Taste Safari 13th June 2014
Taste Safari

Taste Safari

So, it’s finally all happening and we’re at the opening of the World Cup 2014, all holding our breath for the long awaited celebrations to finally kick off! I know it’s a Friday and I ought to behave, but hello, this is the World Cup man!!

So, in true, authentic Brazilian style we are kicking off Taste Safari celebrations with a cool cat Caipirinha!! This is not for the faint hearted – but hey, I’m a Kenyan – so far from it ! So, in the spirit of things to come, a toast to the games – ‘O Brasil e lindo maravilhoso!!’ In translation for my global crew – OH BRAZIL – YOU ARE MARVELLOUS!

Taste Safari is inspired by Sandy who is a Cookery Book Author & Food Blogger. Check out her culinary adventures served from the Heart of Kenya.

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Serves 4

Caipirinha, is a hot little number – a classic now on any half decent Bartenders list. It’s secret weapon is the heart, soul, brain warming ‘ Cachaca,’ the Brazilian counterpart of rum that is traditionally made by fermenting cane juice. This drink is intensley sweet, but matched off nicely with the sourness of the limes – and that’s exactly why you can drink loads of it.

Make a couple of jugs of this if you have a crowd, trust me, if they are anything like my lot, they will be drained rather quick!!

1 lime quartered
2 tsps fine white sugar
2 ounces of cachaca
A glass of ice
To stir the magic up with……
Muddler (this drink is so popular, in Brazil each household has their own special muddler’)


Taste Safari

Taste Safari


Place the lime and the sugar in the bottom of a tall, thick bottomed cocktail glass.
Muddle these together (meaning smash, squish and squash – combining all the ingredients together).
Top the glass with ice cubes and pour over the Cachaca, stir well and guzzle away!


Taste Safari

Taste Safari

As much as I love this drink, I’m a massive fan of Batida. This is more appealing to me anyway because it’s real Brazilian street drinking and is basically a Caipirinha but muddled together with any fruit of your choice. Why don’t you try it as I do, with a mix of Rasberries and Passion Fruit Pulp or Lychee and Pomengranate. Totally delicous and brings so much fun and colour to your cocktail!!

Taste Safari

Taste Safari

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