‘Breaking Bad’ Inspired Coffee Shop In Istanbul

written by Yoga David 7th August 2015

'Breaking Bad' Inspired Coffee Shop In Istanbul

Being a fan, I must say the legend and legacy of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman is going to live on for years to come thanks to an Istanbul based Entrepreneur, Deniz Kosan, the owner of Walter’s Coffee Roastery.

The Roastery is the first ever coffee shop inspired by the critically acclaimed AMC TV show ‘Breaking Bad‘ and may necessarily not be the most suitable suggestion for a novelty coffee shop!

Kosan is on record saying he dreamt about opening the coffee shop after he watched the sixth episode of the show’s third season, where meth-maker Walter White discusses coffee with his one-time assistant Gale Boetticher. In the scene, White is taken aback at Boetticher’s brew and he bemoans, “Why the hell are we making meth? “

The other cool side of the inspiration maybe as to be Deniz cousin who came up with a name for the coffee lab: Walter’s Coffee. He strangely looks like Walter White, has bald head, moustache, goatee and he also calls himself Heisenberg.

'Breaking Bad' Inspired Coffee Shop In Istanbul

The Baristas at the coffee shop don hazard masks and yellow jumpsuits, the drinks are brewed carefully measured and then poured in beakers, and the roasting equipment is also like Heisenberg’s chemical tanks. The Bakery includes cupcakes topped with blue meth candy too.

'Breaking Bad' Inspired Coffee Shop In Istanbul

'Breaking Bad' Inspired Coffee Shop In Istanbul

I think this the best creative idea after this ‘Breaking Bad’ Meth Candy Recipe which we highlighted earlier. So for those still trying to find a coffee fix since the season finale, why not pack your bags and head to Istanbul because this coffee shop is the next best nostalgic thing for all the Breaking Bad fans.

Images source Walter’s Coffee Roastery

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