Brew Bistro’s ‘Cooking With Class’ makes a Culinary Mark

written by Jeannette Musembi 12th February 2013

Food is one of the most beautiful things this universe has given us. And if prepared in the right way, can be the most enjoyable thing yet. I’m sure you can easily remember the most delicious food you have ever indulged in-even if it meant digging as far back as your early years as a toddler. Mom’s cooking will be prominent in majority of the memories, while some will fondly remember what they ate in their ‘out-of-home’ escapades.

Dessert Dish of fruits as made by students

Despite that, there’s a thin line between a good and bad memory. I remember i once had some awful chips that made me sick for two days. Of all the things in the world, it had to be chips. I have never forgotten how bad they tasted, neither the god-forsaken place i had bought them from. Sadly it is a sad tale of a long night spent hugging the porcelain throne. There’s not much details needed here.

Well, there is one way that would have been avoided-and that’s simply adding a bit of knowledge and professionalism to the culinary skills of the cook. In this day and age, it’s always nice to learn new things along the way. It does come in handy once in a while and it helps in making life more easier.

Also a student creation

While some might boast of being ‘all-natural-cooks’ we have to admit that it’s not easy to master the art of fine cooking without learning a few tricks here and there from the kitchen.There are tonnes of hundreds of ingredients in the culinary world that need to be used and this cannot happen if we keep confining ourselves to what we are only familiar with. I dare you to try and test yourself one day and see just how many spices/ingredients you can confidently name or even use in your daily recipes. (Royco Mchuzi Mix is not an option)

Head Chef takes us through judging process

This is the same reason that Brew Bistro Kenya introduced their weekly cooking classes and closed their very busy premises each Monday for this. Cooking is not about filling up the tummy. It is an art, and a way of creating something that defines your passion and capabilities.It isn’t supposed to be boring or tiresome, rather pleasant and fun and the perfect way of unwinding after a long day. Contrary to most beliefs, cooking classes are not meant for the ‘culinary challenged’ or people who don’t know how to use basic ingredients in the kitchen. They are merely there to encourage you to be more better in the kitchen all the while pumping you with the knowledge you require to be your own star chef. They also are not for women only, but also for men who want to step up their game in the kitchen and out of it as well.

Two of the students take judges through their dish

Recently the cooking class dubbed ”cooking with class”  has seen an admirable number of  students graduate early this week with great success. Students underwent an intensive 4-week training by Brew Bistro’s head chef and taught on aspects such as pan global cuisine, grilling techniques, gourmet techniques, how to make different desserts, tapas and Asian-fusion inspired dishes. Each class students learnt different aspects of menu design and recipe preparation, how to prepare a 3-course meal with wine, beer and cocktail pairing. The final class concluded with a mini-master class, surprise mystery basket, graduation ceremony and personalized chef knives and chopping block for each of the graduants.

Judges pay keen attention on proceedings

I managed to act as a judge for the final class and i must say i enjoyed myself. The talent is admirable especially because most of the students took the classes for fun and were basically learning everything from scratch. You are welcomed to sign up for the next cooking course which will focus on vegetarian cuisine and organic cooking. Watch out the space for more of  Brew Bistro’s cooking delights!


Here is the full gallery of the exciting class.


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Martin 12th May 2014 - 10:16 AM

hello..what happened to the classes?haven’t seen any postings of-late..

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Priscao2005 13th February 2013 - 2:17 PM

How much does the entire course cost?

Jeannette 19th February 2013 - 9:39 AM

please head to the Brew Bistro Facebook page for correct details on the prices as they are now starting a fresh cooking course.

Ntu B 12th February 2013 - 12:40 PM

Article great. The photogallery should have celebrated the students creations more.

Jeannette 19th February 2013 - 9:40 AM

Thanks for the feedback. Hopefully that will be highlighted in the next posts on the same.


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