This Brew Should Be On Your Hit List: Clear Coffee

written by Leroy Buliro 2nd March 2018

There is a new coffee that is getting the cofferati excited and it’s as clear as water.

Adam and David Nagy are two London-based Slovakian brothers who decided to invent a clear water-like coffee to prevent their teeth getting stained.

The process to make this particular blend of coffee was conceived of back in 2012 after a 3 month period of intense market research and experimentation and an extra 12 months as they focused on getting the process right.

The brothers are still keeping the brewing secret to themselves but assured the public, “Clear Coffee is made from high quality, freshly roasted Arabica coffee beans (a special blend that contains coffee from different parts of the world) and pure water. It does not contain any preservatives, artificial flavours, stabilizers, sugar or any other sweetener.” Oh, and apparently it’s low in calories too.

You’ll be thrilled to know that the coffee comes ready to drink and has a rich aroma and a unique taste as it replicates the effects of a double espresso. “Despite its look, the coffee is strong, similar to a potent cold brew and one bottle can last for an entire day,” reported The Evening Standard, a London-based daily.

The coffee has been the focus of lots of coverage, both positive and negative. One reporter from UK Metro News had this to say: “Imagine making coffee and then forgetting to wash it out. The next day, you add cold water to get the very last dreg of flavour out of the wet beans…and that’s what this tastes like.” That said, another staff member from the same newspaper tried it and had a different, undoubtedly more positive take towards it, insisting that: “It would taste delicious with a splash of rum.”

While this particular coffee trend is yet to land on our Kenyan shores, if you really can’t wait to try clear coffee you can order it online. Make sure you let us know what you think!

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