#WineChick: Broke Not Broken

written by Annabel Onyango 26th January 2016


If you are a mere mortal like Annabel Onyango, you’re subject to the biggest clichés of the New Year: a)You will be fat b)You will be broke. But for wine enthusiasts, how can you still enjoy a glass on a post-Christmas budget?

January is a trying time for personal self-esteem. It’s the universe’s way of re-establishing balance (or doling out punishment) after the extended period of over-indulgence otherwise known as The Christmas Holidays. In January, the only way to spin the direness of this situation is by boasting about how broke and fat you now are is directly correlated with how epic your Christmas break was. Even the few skinny, rich people left pretend to be fat and broke, just to fit in.

In the harsh light of January, the boom time of December is but a distant memory. This month, you will be forced to withdraw the little you have left in your checking account and exchange it for a gym membership. You will join the sad desperation of crowds at the jogging trail, jostling like everyone else for that limited brisk-walking space in your brand new running shoes (bought on your credit card). Or you could just wait it out and be fat until February 1st, when those very trails will be empty again.

In January, the contents of your grocery cart look as lean as you wish your body would be. Where there were once tubs of imported ice-cream, good cheese and the full range of KWV bottles, there is now a packet of rice, beans and one lone Culemborg, Chenin Blanc (Ksh 690), which might have to last you the entire week. For a fleeting moment you even consider buying a second bottle and forgoing a couple of gourmet rice-and-beans meals (which would help the diet along anyway). And in the unfortunate chance that someone invites you to a post-holiday dinner party, you’ll have to pick up that cheerful Prosecco aka Poor Man’s Champagne (Ksh 1,200 ).

For wine die-hards like me for whom wine is more a daily ritual than a weekend indulgence, January is the home of the wholesale purchase. The Wine Shop offers cases of 6 bottles (from France, Chile, Australia, California) for Ksh 5,000, or 12 bottles for Ksh 10,000. And you can mix that case up with whites, reds, and rosés – the perfect accompaniment to tonight’s rice and beans.

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