Brunch Cocktails You Have To Try!

written by Fred Mwithiga 10th March 2018

I really don’t know what the best part about brunch is. Is it because you get to sleep in? or is because lunch and breakfast have morphed into one. I think its both. Nothing beats waking up past 9am and having a delicious brunch. A good brunch is not complete without a cocktail or mocktail. Alcoholic or not, a cocktail is a must. Whether you like yours with a slight buzz or naturally sweetened, you’re going to end up ordering a couple. After all, you don’t want to choke on your eggs benedict do you? Here are some brunch cocktails and mocktails you should consider when you go out for brunch next.

1. Bloody Mary 

This has no relation with the urban legend, bloody mary and even if it did, I’d still drink it. The tomato flavour of a Bloody Mary is excellent for brunch. It may not go as well with fruity dishes but with casseroles and pancakes it is simply amazing. Got a bad hangover? This vodka infused drink will cure your throbbing head and have you feeling prim and proper in no time.

Brunch Cocktails And Mocktails You Have To Try!

2. Mimosa

The mimosa is a classic brunch cocktail. Three of these and any gloomy day brightens up. Created by simply adding sparkling wine to a measure of orange juice, the mimosa should always be on hand for you to order should you ever be clueless. Want one? Lucca at Villa Rosa Kempinski will have you covered!

Brunch Cocktails And Mocktails You Have To Try!

3. Reno Cocktail

The Reno Cocktail is one of the best “true¬†mocktails” around because it truly mocks its alcoholic cousins. For a more elegant brunch atmosphere, or when you just want the feel of a cocktail without the booze, this is neat grapefruit-based drink is absolutely perfect.

Brunch Cocktails And Mocktails You Have To Try!

4. Bellini

You can’t go wrong with this especially if you’re feeling classy and you need a drink that will complete your mood. The Bellini is made of puree’d white peaches and champagne. If you’re having white meat, fish or light omelettes, a bellini will be your best friend.

Brunch Cocktails And Mocktails You Have To Try!

5. Screwdriver

The screwdriver will not screw you up. Its fruity citrus taste will have you feeling bubbly and over the moon. The cocktail uses vodka and orange juice to create fun cocktail.

Brunch Cocktails And Mocktails You Have To Try!

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